Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surprises and elevators

The other day, my guy wrote an e-mail to me, saying that he may stop by the office this week to talk to a salesperson about an upcoming seminar that my guy needs to deliver. However, a date and time weren't confirmed.

On Thursday, I headed into the office in the afternoon. I got there, said hi to a colleague, and noticed that my cell phone was buzzing. My guy was calling me.
"Hey," I said to him.
"Hey, are you in the office?" he asked me.
"I just rolled in and am taking my laptop out of my bag," I explained. "Are you here?"
"Yes," he replied. "Did you have lunch?"
"I did," I replied, still surprised that my guy was at work, but happy.
"I am in one of the cubicles in the next aisle from yours," he explained. "I will come by and say hi."
Sure enough, he did. We chatted for a bit. He thought that his meeting was on Thursday, but it was actually on Friday. My guy then went back to his temporary cubicle and texted me. He didn't have lunch and wanted to know if I could join him across the street.

I wanted to. I had just come into work, though. I decided to, but I needed to do a pitstop. So, I suggested that my guy meet me in front of the elevators in five minutes.

He was prompt. He was there when I left the women's washroom. We chatted, pressed the button, and got into the elevator.

The doors closed. We were on the eleventh floor, which is the top floor of our office building. We haven't been in an elevator together for a while. He came over to me, pressed his body firmly against mine, and we hugged and kissed all the way down to the main floor. I could feel how hard his cock was against me.

He smelled so good. It was his aftershave.

My guy got a roast beef sandwich at the eatery across the street. He was kind to get me a diet Dr Pepper. We sat down and chatted as my guy ate and I sipped. It was a mini date of sorts. We said sweet things to each other. We talked about our day and week. It was a nice break from work.

About twenty minutes later, we walked back to our office. Once again, we had the entire elevator to ourselves. We hugged. His hands moved up my bodice to my breasts, which he caressed. I caressed the back of his head as we kissed. It was such a sweet, passionate moment.

We got to the eleventh floor. I adjusted my short-sleeved shirt. He smiled at me. I wished him a good evening, for he was heading home. Luckily, we would be seeing each other on Friday.


  1. An elevator ride is the perfect amount of time to build anticipation and leave us wanting more...sigh...

    1. For sure! We remarked how enjoyable our elevator rides were. My guy confessed that he was thinking about what he wanted to do with me all night. I was thinking about how much I wanted him. Luckily, we resolved all that the following day. =)