Friday, July 25, 2014

My reward for my help? A spanking... yay!

The other day, my guy needed my help. It was a work-related software issue. He needed me to download two software builds for him.

We used to be in the same department, which was software development. Since our company was acquired a while back, we are no longer in the same department. I am still considered to be a part of software development, but he isn't. As a result, he no longer has access to all our nightly software builds. He has to asked me nicely to access whatever builds that he needs.

He tried texting me on Wednesday, but I wasn't near my phone. Instead, I received an e-mail from him. Here is an excerpt:
I still can't get to the \builds folder. By the way, would it be possible to copy the latest builds to your Dropbox and send me the link without considering that as slave-driving?? That would really be helpful. I'll give you your reward when I see you (be prepared to have difficulty sitting for a couple of days afterwards.  ;)
I love his love notes. Here's an excerpt from my reply:
Copying huge build files to Dropbox was an issue at work. Our network does not like Dropbox. I ended up copying both builds to my laptop and have been uploading them to Dropbox at home.
This folder, MrMeanie, contains both builds. 
You owe me bigtime. I deserve flowers, dinner, and a really good spanking, at least. =)
My reward will be on Friday. He will also get some reward in return, of course.


  1. You guys are two adorable nerds. Can't really understand the work you had to do, but flowers, dinner AND a red bottom seems a lot to me :-) Have fun.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we are pretty nerdy. It's one of many reasons why we get along!

      Well, I didn't get any flowers on Friday, but two out of three is pretty good. I will write about it soon. =)