Monday, July 21, 2014

A nice way to end a dreadful Monday

My guy had told me at lunch that he'd call me, which would signal when he was leaving work. I never got that phone call. I found out yesterday that he had forgotten my office extension. It all makes sense.

At around 15:15 on Monday, my guy came up to my cubicle to see me. He hasn't done that for months. It was a nice surprise.

He told me that my helping him with configuring our software product worked wonders. My guy quietly mouthed if we could have quality time after work. I said yes. I asked where, and handed him a pen and a Post-It notepad. He wrote down our usual treehouse location, which was great.

We talked as I continued to pack my stuff away. It was great that he came upstairs. I had bought him a wireless mouse on the weekend, to replace the one that he had lost. He was so happy and thanked me for the gift.

I said goodnight to my colleagues, and my guy and I walked toward the elevators. He had to stop briefly on the seventh floor. I told him that he was always delaying things.

Anyway, I had to make a pitstop before heading to my car. Even with that pitstop, my guy still wasn't at his car, which was parked next to mine. I put away my stuff and headed into my car. My guy came over.
"See, I wasn't that late," he said.
"Sure," I replied. "See you shortly."
We drove to our treehouse location. My guy and I got into the backseat of my car.

I asked my guy why we ended up changing venues. His car has two doors, which requires a bit of a climb to get into the backseat. Because of this extra effort, I dubbed it our treehouse. It felt so private and secluded.

With my car, it still feels private and secluded, but I have four doors. It's just easier to get in and out of it. I also have stain-resistant seats, which makes a huge difference!

My guy and I held hands for a bit. We kissed. He went to squeeze my right thigh. He then proceeded to lift it over his legs. My pant leg was wide enough to hike it well past my knee.

He likes my legs. He was caressing the length of my bare right leg. He then worked on pleasuring me. He was playing with my crotch.
"Is your period over?" he asked, whispering it in my ear.
He was a happy camper. Soon, he was unbuttoning my pants and taking them down. He was fingering me. It seemed like ages since he has done that. He has such a magical touch. I came effortlessly.

It was nice to rest against his chest for a bit. My hand slid down to his crotch. His penis was erect. It felt like it was about to launch in his pants. It was both impressive and flattering.

He loosened his belt to eventually pull down his pants and briefs. Yep, his hard cock was pointing straight up. He wanted my bare leg across his lap. My leg managed to brush up against his cock, which was a nice sight to see. My guy lifted his shirt up, which drove me crazy. I love seeing his bare chest. I caressed it as I began giving him a handjob.

We both enjoy a handjob, with him ejaculating all over my leg as the end result. It's nice and he did just that. After trying to get out of our dopey state, I managed to grab the roll of paper towel and clean up. My guy looked so cute using the paper towel roll as an armrest.

We chatted for a bit, kissing intermittently. I asked whether we could go on a lunch date on Wednesday. He didn't have any meetings then, so we were all good.


  1. Wow--sounds wonderful!!! I like your name for the backseat of his car :)

    1. It is a nice nickname. It's kind of a code word and definitely sounds nicer than just the backseat. =)