Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Leg admiration

My guy loves my legs I didn't truly realize the extent until we had quality time the other day.

I was in my blue shorts and we were sitting in the treehouse. He immediately wanted them draped over his lap. So, I did just that. He caressed them for a while, marvelling at them.

At one stage, I was practically lying on my back, across my car's backseat, still with my legs over his lap, but they were bent. He went to hug my bent knees, resting his right cheek against the side of my right leg. With the soft sunlight behind him, it was such a sweet view.
"You really love my legs, don't you?" I said, still a bit dopey after being pleasured by him.
"Yes, I love the person that these legs belong to," he said, in his usual sweet self, resting the palm of his hand on my tummy.
"Hand on tummy," I said, which is a phrase he used to say to me.
"I'm so sorry," he said, remembering that I am ticklish.
"It's okay. You gently rested your hand on it. It's when you use your fingers in a random manner that makes me squirm."
He played with my butt. He was lightly pinching it. He was then playing with my clit again.
"You still want to play with me?" I asked him.
"We can do that if you'd like," he replied.
"I just like lounging with you. I am dopey."
"That's fine," he replied, as he sweetly kissed my legs.
Quiet quality time is equally as nice after a long day at work.

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