Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arriving in Stockholm, checking in to a hotel for a paddling and a blowjob

We arrived at Stockholm airport just before midnight. Going through customs was incredibly easy and the woman there was friendly, welcoming me to Sweden and Europe for the first time.

My guy is an absolute gentleman. He fetched my suitcase from the carousel. The sad part was that he had asked the car rental place to wait for him to arrive. Sadly, it closes at 23:30 on Sundays. By the time we had received an answer as to whether the rental place was open, it was 01:00. Rather than spending $100 one-way to fetch a cab to get us to our hotel, we stayed at one of the airport hotels.

I am glad that we did. We were both tired, but not completely tired. We both needed a shower.
"Let's shower together," my guy said, kissing me tenderly.
"I don't know," I said, a bit tired and knowing that showering together would make an even longer night.
We hugged and kissed. He playfully spanked my backside. As expected, he took off all my clothing. He noted that my panties were wet. I told him that it was all his fault. He took off his clothes, too. He then took my hand and led me to the bathroom.

The shower had translucent walls. We stood under the shower head. I lathered my hair and started to wash it. He then took some shower gel and lathered me up. I did the same to him, starting with his chest and working my hands around him. We kissed and hugged while showering.

His hands moved to my pussy and started fingering me. He loved the access. At one point, he ended up fingering both my pussy and butt. I have never reached orgasm in a shower before. It was wonderful. I felt so relaxed afterwards. We continued to shower and rinse off.

My guy got out of the shower first and wrapped a clean white towel around me. He then got one for him and we both got out of the shower.

After I had towel-dried my hair, my guy was hungry. It is incredible how predictable he is. He needs food every four hours, it seems. If he goes to bed on an empty stomach, he does not sleep well.

He ordered lasagne. I asked for a Coke Light (I learned that it's diet Coke, but not to order it by that name). Half an hour later, he was happy eating his lasagne and insisted that I have a bite of it. It was yummy.

Once we were done with eating, even though it was closer to 03:00, my guy wanted to spank me. He had asked me a couple of days ago to bring my toys with me. I didn't fail in that department. I handed him my fuzzy purple paddle.

He unravelled my white towel from my body. My naked body went over his lap. He gave me a few smacks with the leather side of the paddle.
"You have been rebellious as of late," he said, rubbing the fuzzy side of the paddle against my bare bottom.
"No, I haven't," I protested. "I am a good girl."
"You really think so?" he asked me, still toying with the fuzzy purple side of the paddle against my skin.
"Yes," I said.
He landed a number of smacks with the leather side. I was so aroused by his teasing me with making circles on my backside with the fuzzy side, thinking that he'd spank me lightly. However, he would end up changing his mind and smacking my backside hard with the leather side. This playfulness continued for at least five minutes.
"Your butt is getting red," he said.
"It's all your fault," I playfully whined. "You're a big meanie!"
"Calling me names isn't helping your situation," he said.
He was right. More hard paddling ensued. He finally stopped when I offered to give him a blowjob.

I have never nuzzled his cock after he has showered. It was nice to do just that freely against my guy's bare skin. Normally, I tend to nuzzle his erect penis when it is either in his pants or briefs. I loved how it felt against my cheek.

A while back, I had purchased a feather duster. I brought this fun toy with me, and dusted his balls and cock with it. I loved using it. My guy loved how soft the feathers were.

I had brought my tube of Good Head strawberry oral gel. I applied a bit of it on the tip of my guy's penis. It reacted positively! I put some more down his hard cock and spread the gel evenly with my finger. My guy loved it. I then began to lick the tip and then the rest of his cock as if it were a yummy popsicle on a hot day. My guy commented that my tongue was driving him crazy. My guy came. He came a lot.

We cleaned up. We hugged and kissed. We then went to bed, setting our alarm clock for 10:00.

It was certainly a long day. It did end on many high notes.

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