Sunday, June 16, 2013

Back from vacation and not loving his goatee

Hello, everyone! I am sorry that I haven't written much as of late. I decided to do a last-minute trip with my guy to Stockholm. He was there for business and I was there on vacation. After work, it was all pleasure for both of us!

My vacation was great. I have a ton to write about, including a number of spankings that I had received.

As promised in my last post, I was going to indicate why I was sad during what was a delightful treehouse session.

My guy decided to grow a goatee. I had forgotten that my face is sensitive to stubble, especially when it rubs against my face when I am kissing a stubbly guy. Indeed, my face got irritated. A day later, I had a couple of pimples around my lips and above my chin. My face is also oily, so any disturbance causes my pores to clog up.

Anyway, what was unexpected was when my guy said that he would be keeping his goatee for a bit. I said that treehouse time would likely cease. He didn't quite get it at first, until I told him that my face can't handle stubble that feels like sandpaper.

My reaction was equally as unexpected. I started to cry. I am sure that my guy thought that I was overreacting, but he realized a couple of days later that I was not making up the fact that my face breaks out when it is irritated. I was so upset that he caved and said that he would only grow a goatee when he was travelling on his own. It was kind of him.

While we were in Stockholm, he was clean-shaven, which I appreciated. Perhaps my frustration that day was wanting to kiss him so badly, but that it hurt to do what I loved doing. It was an unnecessary obstacle for me. When he told me that he wanted to keep his goatee, I just lost it.

Anyway, all is well. More spankings posts are coming. Stay tuned.

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