Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking flight

My guy and I had booked our flight to Stockholm two Thursdays ago. We were flying out the following Friday, right after work.

He travels a lot, so he gets airline perks. It's nice to ride on his coattails. At the airport, we checked in quickly and headed into the Maple Leaf lounge. We ate and drank. I loved the white chocolate macadamia cookie. While seated across from each other, he took several pictures of me.

We had two flight segments. The longer one was a problem in that we were not seated next to each other. The check-in counter woman was not having a good day. She started addressing us by asking, "What's your question?" Wow. Sure enough, she did not attempt to find seats next to each other, regardless of whether they were available.

My guy is quite the negotiator. He got a woman to switch seats with him. I was so relieved. I was sitting next to a man who was wearing a yellow sweater and green pants. He had a female friend sitting a couple of rows behind us, to our right. She kept on coming over to visit him. I got annoyed hearing her say, "Here's your snack," and handing him cookies every few minutes.

It was great sitting next to my guy. We kissed. We held hands. We watched a movie together. We ate dinner together and chatted.

Afterwards, we pulled our blue blankets over us. My guy unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His hand guided mine around his erect penis, which he had skillfully taken out of his briefs. He was horny as all can be.

He played with my crotch for a while. He then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and fingered me. It is difficult to keep quiet as I am reaching orgasm. I managed to keep a low profile on the whole, except for my breathing. I came and rested my head against my guy's chest. He kissed my forehead, as always.

My guy wasn't done yet. He managed to get his hand under my backside and was at it again, making me reach orgasm. I looked like I was humping him in my seat. An older woman was sitting next to me. My guy told me later that she had glanced over at me, gave me a weird look, and then went to sleep. See, he causes trouble!

I was relaxed afterwards. We still had to make my guy happy, too. So, while we are doing all of these fine activities under blue blankets, I wrapped my fingers around my guy's hard penis and started giving him a handjob. We were French kissing while I was jerking him off. He was truly enjoying himself. He came, to the point where we both noticed that his jeans had semen on them after the fact. Oops!

Luckily, we used his blanket to wipe up. I had an extra blanket, which I used to tuck him to sleep. Everything worked out well.

We both slept for a bit after that. It's amazing what activities you can engage in on a plane.

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