Sunday, June 02, 2013

Let's go for lunch... now!

My guy was sick over a week ago. So, when Monday had finally arrived, we were both looking forward to seeing each other. It's quite the understatement.

He is adorable when he has not seen me in ages and wants to meet. He is like a little boy who needs something immediately.

My guy (MG) found me online on Skype. He wanted to have lunch with me.  He was at work. I tend to work from home for half the day before I head into the office.
Me: What time were you thinking of meeting?
MG: The sooner, the better... lol. When can you be here?
Me: Wow, you're not messing around! I have to finish editing a few more files before I change out of my loungewear.
Me: You're cute when you really want to meet.
MG: You're really cute and that's why I really want to meet.
My guy has this let's-go, I-can't-wait boyishness about him, which I love.

He sends kisses to me online. I find the emoticon for a kiss on Skype, but I'm trying to locate the hugging one. My guy teases me by asking whether there's a blowjob one. He then goes back into hurry-up mode.
MG: Stop fooling around and finish whatever you are doing quickly. I really miss you. I can't wait to see you, hear your voice, and touch you.
Me: See, there's that can't-wait cuteness coming out. I am trying to hurry up.
Moments later, I resurface.
Me: I am done with my files. I am going to find something to wear now.
MG: The shorter, the better. I want to see as much of those gorgeous legs of yours as I can. I can then help you get out of whatever you're wearing.
Me: I know... no thought required.
MG: =)
I estimated that I would arrive at our usual restaurant by 12:30 pm. He had arrived in the parking lot a couple of minutes before I did. He came over to my car. I caressed his head and said hi. We then walked into the restaurant.

Lunch was yummy. I went with Hakka chicken chow mein. My guy stuck with a spicy chicken dish with rice. We talked, with most of our conversation being romantic, funny, and full of sexual innuendos. You know, the usual.

My guy sat across from me at the table. He couldn't resist but to touch my bare knee.

When we had finally finished eating, we went up to the counter to pay. My guy reached for my hand. It was nice to hold hands all the way out the door.

We got into our cars. We proceeded to drive over to our regular treehouse spot.

Stay tuned!

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