Saturday, June 01, 2013

Friday: the beginning and end

I am behind (no pun intended) in my blog posts this week. I do have the urge to write a few things down at this hour.

Before I left for lunch, I asked my guy online if it was okay for me to crash his meeting this afternoon. He said that there was a spot for me in the training room.

Well, I got to the room and it was practically a full house. My guy introduced me as the writer, joking that any complaints about our documentation should go to me.

You can tell that my guy and I have chemistry, as we feed off each other when it comes to humour. I indicated that didn't like the sounds of that statement and threatened to leave the room. Everyone laughed at our banter.

It was a fun, informative session. We basically were like a comedic team. I even got to shake the hands of several new employees there.

We both had a meeting at 16:30. We left the training room and headed to the elevators. We had an entire elevator to ourselves.

It has been ages since we have been in this scenario. We kissed passionately. I enjoyed caressing my guy's head in my hand. My guy was caressing my right breast.

We got to our meeting. We sat facing each other. At one point, my guy sneaked in a wink, which was cute. He did motion as I was about to leave work that he wanted treehouse time. I was game. He winked at me again.

A future post will talk about our treehouse experience. At the end of our time together, we had this conversation while my guy was groping my left buttock.
"I need to punish you more," he said. "We have been so focused on other things that I have not been punishing you as often as I should."
"That's because I have been good," I said in a matter-of-fact way.
"Noooo!" he objected. "You are always bad."
"That's not true," I said in a girlie tone.
"Next week, I will spank you hard. But, you'll be wearing pants and not a skirt like today."
"But, I want to wear a skirt. We're in a heatwave and you have easier access to my backside. That's what you have taught me," I reasoned with him.
"When I see your legs, I get horny," he admitted.
"There's nothing wrong with that," I teased. "You can spank me for disobeying your clothing request."
He liked that. I politely asked him to stop talking about spanking me. I admitted to him that I was getting turned on, but was perfectly content after having our quality time. Our next meeting is on Monday. 

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