Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back home, recounting a past treehouse experience

I am back from my trip from the Midwest. I have plenty to write about. It's a question of where to start.

I was supposed to fly back home on Saturday. I couldn't get the same flight booked that my guy was on. I ended up booking a direct flight that would leave two hours after my guy's flight, but I'd get to Toronto half an hour before he would.

Well, we both checked our e-mail accounts late on Friday night. My flight was cancelled. My guy's was not.

My guy said that everything happens for a reason, which I agree with. My guy had to be back on Saturday for a course. My flight was rescheduled for Sunday evening, which was fine with me.

My guy was sweet to look up the hotel rate for Saturday night. It was actually cheaper than the rate that he was paying. I called the front desk and asked if I could book an extra night under my name. The hotel reservation was under my guy's name. I also wanted to stay in the same room, to avoid moving my stuff around. Yes, everything worked out fine.

Anyway, I will about two Mondays ago. We had treehouse time. As usual, we tend to kiss a lot. He played with my breasts, making sure that each one was groped.

He fingered my clit. Moments later, I came, resting limp in his arms. He kissed my forehead. I hugged him tightly. We kissed a bit more.

Down went my pants and panties.. I went over his knee. He scolded me, saying that I always need to be punished and that I will never learn. He spanked me hard with his hand across my bare bottom. I was turned on by how sore I was getting while my guy was scolding me. He even slapped the backs of my thighs. He likes doing that a lot and has definitely grown to love spanking me. He doesn't hold back one bit!

He proceeded to finger my butt and clit. I felt like a slut, which turned both of us on. I eventually came, resting across his lap for a bit before I got up.

We continued to kiss some more. I had my hand on his right thigh. I took my time moving my hand toward his crotch. I finally found his cock, which was hard under his pants.
"Why is your hand on my cock?" he asked me.
"Oh, is it there?" I said as if I were an airhead. "I wasn't aware that my hand was there."
"What kind of person would do such a thing?" he asked me.
"Oh, I don't know. A girl who is horny and is a slut," I replied.
"Yes, that makes sense," he said, obviously enjoying my caressing his member.
His erect penis was poking up from his trousers. It came out from hiding. I wrapped my hand around it and provided him with a handjob. My guy ejaculated. He ejaculated a lot. He was dopey. I helped clean up.

We talked afterward. We were both excited about being together for an entire week. It was definitely a special week spent together.


  1. so was your hand REALLY just accidentally on his member? Cos mine seems to land there almost without thought... i think it's like a magnet attraction :)

    1. Haha! Nah, it was no accident. My hand gravitates toward his member all the time. It was nice that we were so playful. It was also fun to make him wait. He knew that I would eventually touch him there. =)