Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Timing and a timely award

I briefly mentioned that my guy isn't the type who enjoys going to company Christmas parties. He joined the company several months before I did. I have been to one. My guy has yet to go.

Well, that all changed.

Last week, he was approached twice by two different human resources folks. My guy talked about the whole situation with me last Thursday. My thought was that he was going to receive some recognition. This notion had also crossed my guy's mind.

My guy said yes to going late Wednesday night. He wanted me to go with him. I didn't have a dress and thought that we would spend a quiet night together on Friday. Frankly, I am just not ready to go to such a large function. It's a combination of my losing sixty pounds, my trying to cope with this accomplishment mentally, and my recovering from a pinched nerve. Baby steps.

It's weird how timing can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, I had missed taking pictures of my guy receiving his award and probably tearing up at the function.

My guy told me that he sat at a table with a bunch of executives. He sat alone, with an empty chair next to him.

Tonight, we were cuddling after we had some quality time. My guy told me that there was a slide show happening throughout the evening. A number of pictures were taken from various company events.

We had a Halloween potluck. My guy saw my picture appear. He told me that he stood there, looking up at my picture, loving my smile and admiring my cute chin, and was missing me a lot.

My guy is genuinely sweet. He was amazed that I knew exactly what I was wearing in that photo. He remembered my outfit, too.

Perhaps I should have crashed the party by showing up in regular clothes. I felt bad about not being there, but my guy understood.

He told me that I'd win that award next year, as I have carried the documentation department on my own for a year. I am not sure if it'll happen. He wished that colleagues could vote. I am fortunate to have someone who has so much confidence in me.

I'm off to bed with a sore bottom. More about that in another post!


  1. oh, i'm so sorry you didn't get to be there with your guy...but would you have felt good about being there in your regular clothes?

    and are you upset that he decided to say yes to going only so late in the week?

    i know I would be fuming cos i had been caught unawares. but then, i would have brought a dress along anyway. just in case.

    can't wait to read the OTHER post!!

  2. Thanks! It was an interesting evening. My guy showed up in his work clothes. He had a sports jacket, a dress shirt, and slacks on. So, he didn't look horribly out of place. Some of our colleagues actually came in wearing plaid, lumberjack-style shirts. Perhaps my casual sweater and jeans would have been okay... lol

    I wasn't upset about his saying yes so late. He was pressed by the two HR women, which made us both realize that he was probably a recipient of some honour. He was. I was upset that I wasn't there to see him get his award in-person, but we're good.

    My problem these days is that I don't have a dress that I can grab out of my wardrobe for such functions. I need to go find one. My regular go-to black dress is way too big these days (not complaining!) It's an odd problem to have, but it is a decent reason to go shopping. =)