Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feels like high school, but we're at work, supposedly working

This post is late. I need to be dealt with. My tardiness is an issue. =)

Two Wednesdays ago, my guy and I were in a training session together. However, this week had a number of events that had occurred. The latest was that our medium-sized company that we worked for had been acquired by a rather large one.

The day before, there was an informal gathering about the news. Everyone in our training class completely missed this announcement. There was, however, going to be a formal rollout on Wednesday. Our manager indicated that we all had to be at this rollout, which was held at a hotel ballroom close by.

So, on Wednesday, my guy and I rode in a colleague's rented minivan. Our colleague was from the Chicago area and was also with us for training. He was nice to chat with. He had a new white iPhone 5. I got to hold it. It was impressive compared to my nearly three-year-old BlackBerry.

Anyway, my guy and I sat next to each other in the ballroom. Our relationship feels like we are high school kids. We seemed like insolent kids who just didn't care. It was partly because the vice president, who was describing the parent company, had a thick Italian accent and was based in Sweden. She was on a conference call in which the audio was poor. Whenever someone joined or left the conference, that person's name was announced to everyone that he had joined or left, respectively. It was highly annoying!

My guy was playing a number of games on his phone during the presentation. He first played a toss-the-crumpled-paper-ball-into-the-wastebasket game. He then played virtual pool, which he completely sucked at. I had to tease him. His sinking a ball by tilting his phone to will the ball into the pocket was not working. He scratched a number of times, which made me laugh. Then, he played some kind of twisted Tetris game that involved elements of nature.

There are moments where I want to put my guy over my knee and spank him. Today was one of them.

We cracked jokes throughout the entire presentation. I did something different, though. I had dropped my left hand between our chairs. I decided to touch the back of his thigh. My guy liked it. He actually moved his right calf closer. I caressed it for quite some time.

Eventually, I reached under his pant leg and felt his bare calf. It was nicely sculpted. I liked the feel of it. I did it discreetly. I could tell that my guy enjoyed every minute of it. Needless to say, I loved it, too.

We went back to the training room for the rest of the day. We occasionally showed signs of affection. He touched my thigh. I squeezed his. He came over and put his hand behind my back, which slide to my left buttock. He groped it. I was incredibly aroused.

It is rare for us to be in training together. I like it. I wish that we had training more often.

My guy told me afterwards that he thought that the day was special. I agreed. In fact, we both felt that the week was shaping up to be a memorable one.

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