Friday, October 05, 2012

Hugs are good, with a bit of teasing

I am a few posts behind schedule. I usual go in chronological order with my posts. I do have to write about last Wednesday, but I've decided to talk about this week first. I'll talk about Wednesday another day.

There has been a lot of stuff happening at work. I feel that it's good, but there's uncertainty right now. Again, that'll be either a Wednesday post or a subsequent one.

On Monday, I received an e-mail from a manager who is a jerk. He basically has added a feature to our software bug tracking system that makes me do more work. I was annoyed, but not really depressed. I talked about it with my guy at work. He knows that I do a ton of work and wants me to be happy.
"I want to give you a hug," he said to me. He's good at making me feel better.
"That would be nice, but it's probably not a good idea in this setting," I replied. He nodded in agreement.
We left work together. We got into an empty elevator. He wrapped his arms around me. It was nice to do the same. I love being in his arms. He tenderly kissed my head, always reassuring me in his own way that things will be okay.

My guy was supposed to travel to India and stay there for two weeks. He was to depart this weekend. Unfortunately, getting a visa for India is a longer process. Our manager is not good at planning. Needless to say, my guy is bummed out.

We are similar in that we both love to travel. He has not been on a business trip for three months. In a selfish way, I have enjoyed having him here. I get to see him more often and we have more quality time together. However, I do want him to be happy and was genuinely pleased that he was going to India.

Well, he was down about not travelling until he gets his visa. He told me that he felt stressed out, irritable, and grumpy. He actually went to a sauna to relax for a bit on Tuesday, which made him feel better. It pains me to see him unhappy.

It seemed like a carbon copy of Monday night. We both left the office and got into an empty elevator. I reached out and hugged him. I don't say much, but how I hug him reveals to him how I feel. We didn't let go for a long time. We eventually did separate. He reached for my hand and squeezed it. Of course, I did the same thing and smiled at him.

We talked for a bit in the parking lot. My guy looked at me. He liked the pants that I was wearing. He liked how slim my legs looked to him. I told him that he didn't look too irritable there. He laughed.

I told him to drive safely home. We had talked earlier about how we react when someone cuts us off. My guy drives aggressively and flips the bird at the driver. I end up driving up to the car, driving beside the car for a bit, making eye contact with the driver, and then speeding past that car.
"I will [drive safely], unless someone cuts me off," he said, smirking.
"What if I am the one who cuts you off?" I teased.
"I would have to hit you hard," he said, obviously referring to my backside, and not my vehicle.
"I would welcome that."
"I would rear-end you, too," he said cunningly.
"Literally and figuratively, I am sure."
My guy seemed in better spirits. Perhaps I can make him feel better soon.

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