Sunday, October 21, 2012

One-year anniversary - celebrating it with phone sex

It has been three months since my guy and I have used Skype to chat. He is in India on business for a couple of weeks.

As I had briefly mentioned in my last post, I was bummed that my guy had said hi on Skype on Tuesday morning and then signed off. I had missed him by ten minutes.

On Thursday, we finally got to message each other on Skype. He had signed off so quickly on Tuesday because he has been jet-lagged. For the first few weeks in Calcutta, he would leave work, head back to his room at the hotel, and sleep. So, that was his main reason for not being online.

He was finally getting used to the ten-hour time difference. We talked about regular stuff online. We then moved to chatting on Skype. It was wonderful to hear his voice.

It has been a year since we have been together. He had told me last year that he found me attractive in our communal kitchen at work. We first really talked about ourselves and about what we enjoyed from an intimate, sexual perspective on Skype. So, chatting on Skype is special to both of us.

I still find that I am not as good doing phone sex as he is. Still, I can manage to get him off, so I can't be as bad as I think I am.

We chatted on Skype for a good hour, catching up on our lives. I missed him a lot. He felt the same way about me.

Our relationship continues to grow. In the past, we wouldn't really spend that much time on Skype chatting about what we ate for dinner or about my crappy Internet connection at home. But, we enjoy hearing what we have to say. We are good friends, which helps a ton in keeping a healthy relationship going, among other aspects.

My guy hadn't had dinner yet. So, we decided to break for a bit and come back. He said that "we'd get naughty" upon his return.

We reconvened on Skype. He asked me what I was wearing. I was working from home. I was in a tight, grey, short-sleeved t-shirt. I had a lacy, cream-coloured bra underneath. I was also wearing a pair of short shorts and a navy blue pair of lacy panties. My guy approved what I was wearing.

Phone sex with him is terrific. He knows what buttons to push without any hesitation.
"You know that I don't like when you are not online when I want you to be," he stated sternly.
"I was online, but I had to walk away briefly," I reasoned. "It wasn't my fault that you were impatient and logged off in less than ten minutes."
"You have a new cell phone," he pointed out. "You could have logged on to the Skype application, had it on vibrate, and placed it between your legs. When I would send you messages, you'd know."
"My phone doesn't have a case yet," I pointed out.
"Well, the point is that you need to be online all the time and you weren't," he said. "Besides, I would be making you happy if we had used your phone that way. We want to do the opposite. You need a good spanking for what you have done."
"I don't think so," I replied. "You're just being your usual mean, cruel, unreasonable self."
"Oh, really?" he mocked while questioning me. "You need to remember what you have done wrong."
He pointed out that my wearing my usual Gap jeans wouldn't be good, as it provided a bit of protection. He told me that he'd pull them down, exposing my lacy black panties covering my backside. He also would expose my legs.

My guy talked about using a wooden ruler hard across my backside, occasionally checking to see how wet I was. He said that he wouldn't hesitate to slap the backs of my thighs and calves. He then said that he's stop using the ruler and switch to spanking me with his bare hand. Hard smacks would ensue. I was incredibly turned on. 
"Have you learned your lesson?" he asked me.
"Maybe," I said deliberately.
"Maybe? That's not good enough. You need far more discipline than I had imagined. I will tell you what. I will remove my leather belt, fold it up, take down your panties, and strap you."
My guy always brings an element of surprise to whatever we're doing. I don't like the belt in a real spanking, but it does make me extremely horny when I think about it.
"But, the belt will hurt," I whined.
"Your opinion is irrelevant," he pointed out. "It's what I want that is important. You are a slut. You are my slut and you need to remember your punishment, so it doesn't happen again."
He made me beg for him to stop and to tell him that I would be good.
"How are you going to make up for your disobedience?"
"Whatever you want me to do, I will do it," I replied without hesitation.
"You don't know what your master likes?" he asked me.
"I want to suck you."
"Yes, that is what I want," he said approvingly.
What is interesting is that my guy has never used master in any conversation that we have had. It's significant to me.

I described to him that he'd be standing up. I'd undo the button on his trousers and unzip the fly, pulling them down. I'd then take down his briefs. I'd kneel in front of him. I would then ask him for permission to hold his erect cock and place it in my mouth.

I'd look up at him. I'd kiss the tip of his penis and start licking it. I'd put more of his cock in my mouth, continuing to lick and enjoy having it move up and down in my mouth, feeling like a whore. I told him that he'd push the back of my head, so that I could have more of him in me, regardless of whether I felt like gagging. I liked the thought of him grabbing my hair.

I described having my manicured fingers wrapped around his cock. It didn't take too long for my guy to ejaculate.

It was midnight his time. He was content. He was sleepy. If I were with him, I would tuck him into bed, kiss his forehead, and cuddle up next to him.

Happy first year being together, sweetie.

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