Friday, October 26, 2012

Bad singers, sleep, and eight arms

I don't expect to catch my guy on Skype when I am online. Normally, he finds me and initiates the conversation. It was different last Sunday.

I was giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I tend to do them on Sundays. I find Sundays to be a relaxing time to work on my nails, especially in the afternoon.

I had just applied my nail polish and wanted to check my e-mail on my phone. It's definitely easier to do so with a touchscreen while your nails are drying!

Well, I checked my Skype application. Sure enough, my guy (MG) was online. I decided, in a rare move, to initiate a chat with him.
Me: Hey, you're a mirage!
MG: Hey. How are you?
Me: I'm good. Waiting for my nails to dry. How are you doing?
MG: I have a headache.
Me: =(
MG: There is some kind of party going on, and it's loud and driving me nuts. Let me give you a taste.
He called me without any hesitation. It was different on so many levels.

Normally, my guy waits for me to find my earbuds before voice-calling me on Skype. He didn't give me that opportunity. He just called. I could tell that he wanted to talk to me and rant about how he was trying to get some sleep. He couldn't with a male singer putting on some musical number in the lobby. My guy was on the twelfth floor. He was in a deep sleep before his beauty sleep was rudely interrupted. I could actually hear the techno-electronic music playing in the background.

My guy's rants can be hilarious. I don't mean to laugh, but we both have pretty good senses of humour. When we do rant, it comes out as a comedy routine. It never sounds like we're being hostile or downright angry.

I could tell that my guy felt better talking it out with me. We talked for an hour.

It was a festive holiday all week in New Delhi. We talked about goddesses. He thought that maybe one of them had eight hands and that those hands would come in handy.

He talked about my having eight hands so I could do various pleasing actions to him. If my guy had eight hands, my backside would be in trouble. I doubt that I could sit down a week after he was done spanking me with each hand.

It was a different kind of talk. We are both geeky folks. We talked about workflows and operating systems, and applied them to how often I should be disciplined. We like to have fun and make each other laugh, though. It's one of many reasons why we get along.

We didn't say that we missed each other. It was probably one of the first times where we didn't. It is a given. It's simply understood.

It was nearly midnight in New Delhi. I wished him goodnight. I told him that if I were with him, that I'd tuck him into bed, kiss him on his forehead, and give him a hug. He liked that. It'll happen soon. He's coming home.

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