Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue, blue, rain!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my guy was sad. He is moody. It's not to the point where one minute, he is all happy-go-lucky, and then he swings to the opposite extreme in which he wants to jump off a cliff. He has his moments, as do I.

Two Fridays ago, we were chatting in the communal office kitchen. He looked at me and liked what I was wearing. He wanted to talk to me after work. I was good with that. He kissed his finger and then touched my face with it. He is sweet that way. We try and be as discreet about our relationship when we're in the office.

We had initially agreed to talk in the training room. However, it was being occupied by a team of software developers. Instead, we moved our chat to the treehouse.

We drove over to our regular spot. I didn't dress up in a short skirt or anything. I wasn't exactly in the mood, as a number of things at work were also getting to me.

We sat in the backseat of my guy's car. He looked at me and couldn't help but to kiss me. We made out.

It had been several days since we had quality time. I could tell that he had missed me. The intensity that he exhibited when he groped my left breast said it all.

It was my time of the month. He is particularly sweet when I tell him that.
"Even though it's that time of the month, I can still spank you hard, can't I?" he whispered in my ear.
It immediately turned me on. However, we were both enjoying making out that we let that slide.
"It's time to free Willy," he said, which made me groan.
He unfastened his belt that was holding up his slacks. He let me have access to his erect penis. I started off giving him with a handjob. My guy then asked if I could suck him. I didn't hesitate. I went right ahead.

It took him no time to ejaculate. We were both so incredibly relaxed for a bit.

We talked about what was bugging him and making him blue. I am glad that he can confide in me. Unfortunately, he made me feel sad to the point where I couldn't stop crying. I am normally not the type to cry in such a manner. I just couldn't stop.

My guy held me. He apologized for upsetting me. He kissed me countless times and rubbed my thigh. He even went to his car's trunk and got me some strawberries to snack on. Although I felt bloated, I did manage to have a couple.

It was raining outside. We were with each other in the backseat. He held me for hours. It was nice.

He told me that he had dreamt of me the other night. In his dream, he went to kiss a complete stranger. But, he knew that he was kissing my lips. 

He walked me to my car. We had been sitting in his car for four hours. He made sure that I was okay when I finally sat in my car. He leaned over and kissed me on my lips. We then went our separate ways.

I did feel like crap, but how sweet and patient he was with me helped. I noticed that he had sent me an e-mail by the time I got home, asking if I was feeling better.

Despite being so down that day, my guy is a decent guy. He is a keeper. I have said it so many times. I have meant it every time.

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