Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Visiting the old workplace and thinking of the ex

Within the last month, I have visited my old workplace a couple of times. Both times, I was there to use the washroom. It was the office before the company that I worked for got acquired by my current one.

I stood outside this building and memories flooded in. The ex-boyfriend touched my hand holding a Starbucks peppermint mocha. Steps away, in the parking lot, he popped open his car's trunk on Valentine's Day to give me a dozen roses.

Happy memories.

Naturally, I also thought of an unpleasant memory. There was one incident in particular where I texted him and he never responded. It caused anxiety.

Our relationship had many moments of anxiety. He removed me as a contact on Skype and I panicked. He added me back later on.

Since we broke up, I removed him as a contact on Skype. He sent me a request. I never added him back.

I doubt that he experienced the same anxiety. I am far more sensitive of a person to feel that void. He doesn't have that same sensitivity.

It's interesting how we were an item for nearly eight years and how it abruptly dissolved. The fact that I was with an emotionally inept person seems so odd to me now. I miss the happy times, but I'm glad that I don't feel those moments of anxiety anymore.

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