Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dealing with an annoying ex-boyfriend

The ex-boyfriend can't take a hint. I said our relationship was over. He still wants to continue with it.

We were chatting on WhatsApp during our over two-month relationship. I let him know that it wasn't going to work and I let him go by ending our relationship. I also said that I would block him, as I knew how he was the first time I had ended it. Sure enough, he wrote an e-mail to say that we should try again.

I didn't respond to it.

A week later, he used a different phone number of ping me on WhatsApp. He didn't want to acknowledge the issues that I had with him. He continued on as if nothing had happened between us. I blocked him again.

Yesterday, he texted me directly. The graphic with the saying, "You never know how much you love someone until you watch them love someone else," was eerie. I am getting over you. I have no interest picking up a new relationship.

I blocked both his cell phone numbers from getting texts and phone calls on my phone.

I am relieved that I ended it so soon. Clearly, he doesn't respect my wish to end our relationship or me. Not getting proper respect has been my issue with him both times that I ended our relationship. I can't be with someone when he dismisses my needs and thoughts.

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