Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A manager to can't control his team working from home and great colleagues who care

As expected, my manager, a control freak, cannot handle his entire team working from home. He feels the need to write long-winded e-mails to everyone on everything. He can't keep an eye on anyone, so this method of madness is his way of coping. Odd.

He ended up sending me a multitude of e-mails. I know that I have tasks to do. Micromanaging me by copying and pasting what he had already written to me last week isn't going to make me work faster. I need responses from others around the world. Give me a break! Maybe trust me.

Anyway, I decided to say thanks to three colleagues on Monday by recognizing them in our internal tool. Two of them took my belongings off my desk and stowed them safely away so that staff could sanitize my desk. It was thoughtful of them. I also recognized my project manager, thanking her for supporting me when my manager interrogated me last week before abruptly banning me from the office. Her compassion and support were most appreciated.

It's nice that I have support when I need it the most.

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