Thursday, January 30, 2020

Phone chats should not be a part of an agenda!

The new guy in my life had an "agenda" request yesterday. He wants to talk on the phone with me every morning. I gently let him know that conversations should be natural and spontaneous. They shouldn't be scheduled and treated like business meetings!

I appreciate that he wants to talk with me and enjoys our chats, but it becomes overkill doing it daily. Besides, who wants to talk to me first thing in the morning when I am barely functioning and trying to get out the door in one piece?!

He's funny in his own way. Getting to know each other is going well. He listens and trusts me. It's good.


  1. no one talks to me before i get half a cup of coffee in me. And that usually happens at work.. cos i have no time to sit down to coffee before i leave the house. I'm glad you're getting to know each other :)

    1. That's a good point. Who wants to listen to me try and piece together coherent sentences first thing in the morning?! I don't even know if that's possible... lol