Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cutting the cable cord and streaming content on TV

For a while, I have been leaning towards getting rid of my cable service and streaming shows that I want to see online. It took a while doing research to see what type of television streaming device that I should get.

It has been at least half a year since I watched any cable programming at home. I only watched TV in my hotel room when I was on the road.

I own a lot of Apple products, simply because they are reliable and work. Although its products are user-friendly, they are restrictive. I need software that allows me to install all sorts of cable applications as if I had all cable channels.

I decided that I wanted an Android TV box and did more research. The problem is buying one. Either I'd have to go on Kijiji and find someone who is selling such a device, or find a store that sells one, which isn't as convenient as going to any Best Buy store.

On Friday night, I was looking at flyers and found the Android TV device that I wanted from a store that I frequent once a month. On Saturday, I went in and bought the device, which was on sale.

I asked the guy at the store what the box's performance was like. When streaming programs, were they choppy? He replied that the store has been using this same model for nearly a year. He pointed to the TV a few steps away that was streaming content. I was impressed. I had no idea that all that content was being streamed all day.

Tonight, I installed my new TV device (it's pretty straightforward) and downloaded add-ons for the channels that I wanted. I have been happy watching programs that I haven't seen in ages. It's all free. The quality is excellent in high definition. So far, so great!

I'm still learning, but I am enjoying this new device. I am indeed geeky gadget girl.

My guy likes that I have such an interest for technology. He's relieved that he doesn't have to go through this exercise because he has admitted that he dislikes technology. It's funny considering that he works in a high-tech job. He tends to let me help him understand how such things work when it's time for him to go through the same thing. He's funny that way.

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