Saturday, July 30, 2016

Phone call, hot dogs, and a harder spanking

My guy called me last night while he was walking to the gym.
"It sounds like you're going through a wind tunnel," I said to him.
"Yes, it's breezy. I have to walk on the road, as there is construction," he explained.
"Ah, okay. New houses?" I asked him.
"A new Costco is being built close by," he explained.
"That's deadly," I remarked. "You will be walking from your home to Costco every day."
"Yes, I could," he said, as it is his favourite store.
"I'm envious," I admitted.
"Why?" he asked.
"You get to walk over there and get a hot dog," I noted.
"I won't be getting a hot dog," he stated firmly.
"I would, because hot dogs are yummy," I said to him.
"No, they are bad for you. That's why you're a bad girl," he reasoned.
"No, hot dogs are super yummy and I'm a good girl," I protested.
"How's your butt? Is it still sore?" he asked.
"The soreness is almost gone," I replied.
"I need to spank you harder."
There is always a next time to get a sore backside that lasts for days.

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