Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flight delays, meaning that we only had a lunch date... not too shabby!

This post goes back to the last day of June. My guy was flying back home and was expected to arrive at around noon. Instead, his flight was an hour late.

He picked me up at the office and parked by the main doors. I got in to his car. He looked happy to see me. I felt the same way seeing him.

We held hands as he drove us to our favourite lunch spot. I was holding his hand on the stick shift, manually shifting and knowing which gear he was on. He seemed impressed.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time together. He asked whether I would like quality time or lunch. I went with the latter. I'm glad that I did, because he was hungry, too. He doesn't function well when he's hungry.

We were like high school sweethearts at the restaurant. It was wonderful seeing him and catching up. We held hands and couldn't stop looking at each other.

After we had finished eating, we left the restaurant. The sun was strong.
"I can't see," I told him. "I am relying on your voice to guide me to your car."
I heard nothing.
"How come you're not talking?" I asked him.
"Because you haven't stopped talking," he replied.
"That's mean!" I playfully exclaimed, pouting at him.
"I didn't mean it like that, sweetie!" he explained. "I was waiting for you to finish what you were saying."
It's fun teasing my guy. I did that all the way back to the office, while caressing his head.

Although our date was shorter than we had both anticipated, I'm glad that we got a lunch date in before my vacation.

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