Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sweet phone call and kisses to stop him from whining

My guy is sweet. He called me on Monday night.
"Hey," I said to him.
"Hey," he replied back.
"Are you lost? Are you trying to find your car?" I said, teasing him.
"No, sweetie. I miss you and wanted to hear your voice."
We talked about my vacation and his getting into shape. He was calling me while walking over to the gym.
"I miss you. I like when you kiss me, especially when I whine," he commented.
"I miss you, too. Kissing you stops your whining. It takes a few tries, which I don't mind at all," I observed.
"I don't mind it, either."
We can wait to see each other soon.


  1. haha. when i talk too much BIKSS kisses me to shut me up. seems it's a universal remedy.

  2. Aaawww, very sweet interaction! :) (and kisses definitely do the trick! lol)

    1. Aww sweet. I must try kissing Bear next time he talks so much. Hehe!
      Hugs Lindy

    2. Haha! It works well for me so far. =)