Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lunch, hands, and a mattress showroom

On Thursday, my guy and I had lunch again. We met downstairs in the lobby and then walked to his car. He drove us there and I talked up a storm. He likes when I give him a bit of a talking break, for he had been doing that all morning in his course.

We changed our orders once again. I went with the 1888 chicken. I remember my guy ordering it a while back. We asked the server what 1888 meant, but she just smiled at us. I guess that we'll never know unless I do some research. My guy went with the Szechuan chicken. Yep, we are both in chicken mode still.

My guy looked longingly at my nails. He had made mention the other week that I should try growing my nails longer. So, I had a nearly three-week growth going. The downside is that I can tell that they are too long when they affect my typing accuracy. My writer colleagued noticed that I had made a typo when I quoted the software version number in an instant messaging conversation. I apologized and made another typo in that apology. Luckily, we both have a decent sense of humour.

My guy told me later that one of his students was in the restaurant. We keep it professional when we go out for lunch, but he told me that he wanted to hold my hand across the table so badly. He's sweet. Instead, we held hands in the car.

We had this conversation in his car:
"I am sleepy," my guy admitted.
"Oh, no. You probably ate too much," I replied.
"I need a coffee," my guy replied.
"We could go to Starbucks next door," I teased.
"I am not paying for an expensive cup of coffee when I can get it for free at work," my guy insisted.
"Look, there's a Starbucks billboard. See, someone knows that I am here," I replied, which my guy knows that I am a regular at that chain.
"And, we're passing by a mattress store, so it knows that I am sleepy," he remarked.
"Yes, maybe you can test out a bed and fall asleep on it," I suggested.
"I would rather have you with me on the bed," my guy stated, perking up a bit.
"Yes, we can be intimate on the bed in a showroom. It's not a show without us. Otherwise, it would just be a room."
"Of course," my guy grinned. "We need to make sure that we have a headboard that is padded, so I don't take you from behind and cause a concussion."
Our conversations are never dull. We continued holding hands as he headed back to the office.

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