Friday, September 04, 2015

Mini second spanking after the first one

Resting in my guy's arms after having been spanked, we were chatting.

Somehow, he went on one of his pun tangents. Additionally, he told me that we needed more lubricant and that we should get it from something like I immediately woke up from my dopey state and gave my guy a confused look.
"What?" my guy exclaimed. "You don't like it?"
"I am completely awake now," I said.
"You rolled your eyes," he remarked. 
We were in a nice embrace. He hiked up my skirt and found my bare left buttock. He smacked it hard several times. I had to rub it, for it hurt.
"Your hand needs to be on my cock," he told me, carefully moving my hand from shielding my buttock to his erect penis.
He smacked my left buttock again. It was hard. It hurt even more. I told him so. My hand left his hard penis. I had to rub my buttock some more.
"That hurts, especially after my first spanking," I told him.
"Good. You should just say that my Web site URL and puns were both clever and funny. Since you didn't, I had to punish you."
I do like getting an immediate second spanking. It hurts, though. However, it's nice that he likes to dish it out.

Unfortunately, I was left with another lopsided spanking. He hugged me some more afterwards, as we continued to chat some more in the treehouse.


  1. You two are so funny CB...he should have at least shifted you and smacked the other side so you didn't have lopsided pain. Guess you need a third spanking. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He did threaten to spank me a third time after whining about the lopsided spanking again. I think he does that deliberately!

  2. I totally agree with Cat, maybe you can give him some pointers here, girl with the naughty name?

    Big smile to you,

    1. Yes, I should give him a refresher course on spanking me, which would probably lead to more severe, lopsided spankings! =)