Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mouse Jiggle while trying to be a helpful good girl

My guy and I chat about a ton of topics. Recently, over lunch, I told him about an application that I had downloaded on my work computer. It is called Mouse Jiggle, which simulates your mouse moving around, but you don't see the mouse pointer.

It is one of the best little applications. I love it so much. Why? Here's my brief story.

I tend to watch Netflix on my work laptop. I work from home on Wednesdays. After I am done for the day, I watch a movie. If I don't use my mouse, my laptop will automatically dim itself after a certain period due to inactivity. I don't want to miss anything that I am watching, so I would rather have the application simulate my moving the mouse around.

There may also be times where I want to appear to be online, even though I am exhausted and want to take a nap. This application would benefit my guy when he is recovering from jetlag!

Anyway, my guy wrote me an e-mail the other day, asking how I was. He then asked me if I could send him the name of the application or forward a link. Naturally, I did in my response. I signed it as being helpful good girl.

My guy has the best replies. He wrote the following:
Thanks a bunch. Yes, you're a helpful girl, but never good! 
I will always be his bad girl, which is endearing, especially when he tells me that I am due for another spanking.

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