Friday, February 20, 2015

Lunch date, nails, and kisses

On Tuesday, it was the first day back to work for me. Monday was a holiday. Unfortunately, for my guy, he had to work the holiday.

On the weekend, we planned to have lunch on Tuesday. He sent a brief instant message during a meeting that morning, asking whether 12:30 pm would be an okay time to go eat. I was game.

When 12:30 pm had arrived, we both left our desks. We timed it perfectly. I work on the fifth floor. The elevator stopped on the third floor, and there was my guy, looking good.

I asked him whether his brown coat was new. It was. He took my advice and went with a military-style brown coat. He has the height and build to pull it off.

In the car, I couldn't help but to touch his coat sleeve and hand. We talked as I directed him to the Chinese restaurant close by that is becoming our new lunch hangout.

We sat in the parking lot after he had parked his car.
"I love your purple nails," he said.
"Thanks," I replied.
"I want to hug and kiss you," he stated, being sweet.
"We can."
He leaned over to kiss me. It was a wonderful kiss.

I have winter mittens where my thumbs are covered. However, I can take off each mitten's cap to reveal my four fingers. I had my eight fingers poking out of my mittens. My guy said that it was cute and he loved my nail polish colour so much that it was making him horny. He obviously had missed me.

We walked into the restaurant, with my guy reaching out to hold my hand. I joked that he wanted warm hands because he didn't have any mittens on. He was truly being his loving self.

We got a booth at the restaurant. I got him late Valentine's Day presents. One of them was a case for his cell phone. The case simulates winter tire treads. My guy loves tires and this case screamed his name! I could tell that he loved it. He took off the robot case that I had bought him for Christmas and immediately put the tire one on.

My guy at one stage reached for both my hands from across the table. He held them in his for the longest time, admiring my nails and holding my hands sweetly.
"Your hands are so perfect," he told me.
And, yes, he was horny. He saw a glimpse of my black bra underneath my cardigan that he had bought for me a couple of years ago.

He requested treehouse time after work. I accepted.

We finally ordered lunch and had a wonderful conversation. We both ordered garlic dishes. We obviously don't care about bad breath!

We left the restaurant, holding hands as we walked towards his car. Even when he was driving us back to the office, we were still holding hands.

We do seem like high school sweethearts. We have been together for a while. Our relationship is comfortable, but it's still crisp and fresh. It's good.


  1. It's not good, it is wonderful girl with the naughty name!! It truly is. Count your blessings. To be still in love with a man after all these years, That he is still in love with you is easy to understand of course. Do you have any idea (no you have not) how sexy it is just to see just a part of your hands peeking out of your gloves of mittens or whatever? It is. It makes you associate with a woman dressed and undress her. Just by looking at the fingertips in a pretty colour. The colour you spend time in the morning just to get it right on your nails, with dedication and precision. Just for him to enjoy, And now he looks at them, and thinks of the wonders that he cannot see but knows they are there.

    You are a naughty girl,

    1. Thanks for the great insight, Han. My guy loves when he gets a glimpse of my bra underneath my shirt. It makes him think about undressing me, which is exactly your point. My manicured nails that my guy saw -- it didn't occur to me that it would be a turn-on for him, but I do now!

      He has always loved my hands, but adding colour to my nails these days has really made a huge difference. =)

  2. I love how your fingernails turned him on CB...hope you two had a lot of fun in the treehouse after work. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Me, too! I didn't think that my fingernails would do that. They helped with making treehouse time happen a lot sooner that I had expected!