Friday, September 19, 2014

Timezones and a timely smack

My guy is in New Zealand on business for a couple of weeks. He has nearly been there for a week. Let's just say that the time difference is a pain.

When I was in New Orleans, when it was midnight for me, it was still a decent time for both of us to chat. On Wednesday night, he started a conversation with me at 01:30. By the time we were done an hour later, I was exceptionally sleepy.

A couple of Fridays ago, my guy and I spent a bit of time after work together. He asked that I meet him in a conference room. I did. I wasn't expecting any quality time, but he has subtle ways to hint that he wanted me to be satisfied before he would leave for his trip.

We were about to leave and I was putting the TV remote (yes, we have huge flat-screen TVs in our conference rooms) in its holder behind the TV set. He came over and groped my backside, followed by rubbing my crotch area. Yes, he is subtle! I was instantly aroused.

Moments later, he groped my left breast, followed by giving my right buttock a smack. I told him that I was horny now. He liked the response. He told me that he wanted to pleasure me in the treehouse, which made me happy. We hugged and kissed in the conference room before we left.

We drove into the underground parking lot at work. We went into his car and made out for a bit before me made me reach orgasm. Although this session was considered a quick one, it was enjoyable, as is always the case when we are together.

He told me that we'd talk on Skype while he was away. He has held his promise. We have been talking almost daily, which has helped a lot.


  1. We have been talking almost daily (in the middle of the night). The guy that invented Skype should get a Magic Mount for free! Just your way of saying thank you. Naughty airwaves? Well, I think so, why else the girl with the naughty name?

    Have fun this weekend,

    1. Haha! Yes, the inventor deserves a Magic Mount! We can't thank Skype enough. =)