Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Punishment moments after landing?

My guy and I have spent some decent time this past weekend talking on Skype. We miss each other. It showed the first night when we talked for nearly three hours.

He got me off that evening. Afterwards, he continued making me long for him.
"When I get off the plane and see you, the first thing I want to do is spank you."
"Wouldn't you want to hug and kiss me first?" I asked him innocently.
"Of course," he pondered. "But, I want to spank you hard on your bare bottom and punish you for being such a bad girl."
"I'm not a bad girl!" I protested.
"Sure, you are! You are never a good girl and you always need to be punished."
It's pretty romantic to a girl whose backside needs a good spanking. I enjoy our banter. It's sweet.


  1. I love it. My husband tells something similar about always needing a spanking too. Hope you get your spanking soon

    1. Wonderful! I hope that we both get a good spanking soon, too.

  2. Yeah, romance is not flowers and wine and an open fire. Yes it is. Well not only that, Han. OK. Hitting the right note is important. Seems your guy does know how to play you!

    Enjoy eachother,

    1. Yes, hitting the right note (backside) would bring sweet music to our ears. You are right -- my guy is an expert at pushing my buttons to get me all excited. It's all good. =)