Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Spanking postcard

On Monday, I visited the National World War II Museum. It has recently opened and it is within walking distance from my hotel.

I had thought that I would spend half my day at the museum and then spend the other half at the outlet mall, which is also within walking distance. Well, that didn't happen. I spent practically my entire day at the museum. I would definitely recommend visiting it if you are a history fan, appreciate the sacrifices that those who fought in such a long, tragic war did, and want to see the amazing Boeing planes during this war. I spent two hours alone on the Normandy exhibit.

My feet ache right now, but they are feeling much better after all resting them for a bit before going out for dinner. It was well worth the visit.

In the Pearl Harbour exhibit, I snapped this fine postcard, which depicts Uncle Sam spanking a Japanese boy.

If this postcard were in the gift shop, I would have purchased it immediately. It's not every day that you can buy a postcard with a spanked red bottom on it, let alone see one at a museum, right?


  1. I like to visit museums as well. We've got here more WO II museums than you can count. I would have bought the card as well, it's a must have :-)

    So nice of you to send a postcard from you holiday address...
    Have a good time, girl with the naughty name,


    1. I really need to visit your country. I love museums and a little traveller from your country a while back suggested that I visit his homeland because I love museums. I can spend hours there to the point where I need to be dragged out of the venue. =)

      I wish that I had a t-shirt of the postcard. I am glad that I took a picture of the postcard, which made my visit even more memorable!

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