Friday, November 02, 2012

Showered and spanked

My guy came back from his two-week business trip to India. He was supposed to return last Friday night. Unfortunately, he had missed two of his flight segments and his luggage got lost. The good news was that he did get his luggage delivered to him on the weekend.

My guy was in a training session on Monday. Like clockwork, I got to work in the afternoon. He managed to come upstairs to say hi. I could tell by how he was looking at me that he had missed me a lot.

He looked good. He was wearing a blue sweater and grey slacks. He sat on my desk and we talked for fifteen minutes. He looked at my face, my hair, my chest, and my legs as we talked. It reminded me of when we first started seeing each other.

He had to go back to his training session. He told me that he loved seeing me, and touched my arm and back. He is sweet to drop subtle hints like that.

Later on in the afternoon, he came over to my desk again. I was standing up. He groped my backside. I turned into mush. I couldn't concentrate for a brief period.

What was going to happen next took me by surprise.

Winds were picking up throughout the day, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. The greater Toronto area wouldn't be hit hard. Still, the winds were gusty and it was raining all day.

My guy lives an hour away. It took him two hours to get to work. He talked to our boss about the wind and his commute. Somehow, my guy managed to convince our boss to have the former stay overnight at a local hotel. My guy just had his gym bag with clean workout clothes and deodorant. So, at least he could sleep in those clothes as if they were pajamas.

It was 18:00. I was heading home. My guy looked up at me and quietly mouthed to stay with him. I decided to sit next to him at his cubicle and talk.

My guy looked at my chest again. I teased him about it. He smiled.
"I have a room for the night," he said.
"That's pretty subtle," I said, grinning.
"It would be nice to hug you in a place other than the treehouse," he said.
"Okay," I said, without much convincing.
We left work together. We got into an empty elevator. We kissed passionately. He groped my buttocks. I felt like mush again. It was lovely.

We drove over to the hotel. My guy checked in to room 1307. Nope, we're not superstitious. The room was comfy. It had a king-sized bed.

We kissed. We hugged. He pressed his hard cock against me.
"Let's take a shower together," he suggested. "It'll be fun."
"What if I don't want to," I whispered in his ear, still in an embrace.
"You'll be spanked hard," he said, as we continued to kiss and hug.
I was wearing a purple sweater with a zipper on its left shoulder. He unzipped it and saw my navy blue bra with lace. He liked it. He took my sweater off and he did the same with his navy blue wool sweater. We hugged and kissed some more. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and proceeded to do the same with his trousers. We continued to hug and kiss as if we needed the practice. We both groped each other's buttocks. It was sweet and arousing.

More kissing and hugging ensured. We talked briefly again.
"Would you like to shower with me?" he asked, with an eager tone to his voice.
"Maybe," I said shyly, which made him smile. It was my way of saying yes.
We moved to the bathroom. We continued to hug and kiss. He unfastened my bra and groped my breasts standing behind me. My bra slipped to the floor. He pulled down my black lacy panties and then took his briefs off. He held my hand and led me to the shower.

He found the soap and unwrapped it. He turned on the water. He lathered me up first, groping my breasts and proceeding to lathered my chest and tummy. He fingered my pussy, and then continued to lather my legs. I then turned around and he lathered my back and backside. I couldn't help but to kiss him as a compliment.

He then lathered himself up. I massaged his chest and head with my hands. I held his erect cock. We kissed some more as we both rinsed off.

He got out of the shower first and found a bath towel. He dried me off and wrapped it around me. He makes me feel like a doll sometimes. He is sweet. The towel looked like a white mini dress on me. He said that he loved the look of my legs. He proceeded to find another towel to dry himself off.

We then got into bed. Yes, we continued to kiss and hug.
"You have been bad," he said, smacking my bare, somewhat damp backside with his hand.
"What's the reason for my punishment?" I asked him.
"Why do you need a reason?" he asked me, continuing to spank my bare bottom hard.
"I simply need one to understand what I have done," I pointed out.
"You don't need one. You are just a bad girl," he insisted, smacking me harder and harder.
He then played with my clit and made me reach orgasm. It was intense. I had clearly missed him.

The feeling was mutual. He pleasured me again, this time fingering my butt and pussy. Wow!

Our legs were intertwined. It arouses both of us. I find it highly sexy. His left leg was between both of mine. I gave him a hand job while we French kissed. I enjoy using my tongue to outline his full, smooth lips. He was clearly enjoying the entire experience, ultimately ejaculating and feeling dopey afterward.

We cuddled for over an hour. I got to stroke his chest. He wrapped his left arm around me. We watched TV and talked for a bit. It was nice spending quality time again.

My guy got me a present from his trip to India. He got me a snake charmer flute (pungi). I blew a note from the wooden instrument. I teased him that it reminded me of him. It was long, hard, and had a young coconut representing a ball. He thought that it may come in handy for spanking me. I wondered whether it would charm his own snake. We are weird sometimes, but we're never dull.

We both were hungry, so we decided to go out for a bite. We ended up at a restaurant about twenty minutes away from work. He had a steak sandwich on a bun with fries. I had halibut fish and chips. We talked. It was still pretty windy and rainy outside. It was a sweet date night.

My guy is sweet. He drove us to the restaurant and he drove me to my car. We kissed and hugged one last time. On the radio, all we heard was "a piece of dung." It kind of ruined the moment. The radio segment was in regards to a researcher who was studying beetles and dung. We both laughed.

I am glad that he's back home for a bit.

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