Monday, July 30, 2012

Skipping one meeting to have a spanking-good-time meeting instead

This week was a long workweek. Sometimes, Fridays are great for goofing off.

My Friday started off pretty well. I was doing a decent amount of work and was productive. Toward the end of the morning, my guy (MG) logged on to Skype and we started to text.
MG: Hey
Me: Hey... how are you?
MG: Good. How are your cheeks... both sets? :)
Me: One set isn't as sore as the other set was on Wednesday. :)
MG: Oh, that's good.
He asked me when I would be in the office. He wanted to have another meeting in our treehouse, but once I got into the office. I told him that I had a meeting with our boss that would be a problem. My guy had to leave a bit early today. I decided to deviate from my goody-goody personality and offered to cancel my meeting with our boss. My guy didn't want any chaos to ensue. I told him that our boss has often cancelled our Friday afternoon meeting with me. I had yet to return the favour. So, I did.

I decided to wear a lacy pair of black panties. I was looking for my black mini skirt that I had worn a while back, but I couldn't find it. I also managed to find the first implement that my guy had ever bought for me to use on my backside.

I got to our usual parking lot a couple of minutes before 14:30. My guy was already there. I pulled up next to him. Our eyes met as we both got out of our respective cars. We said hi and headed into our treehouse.

He got into the treehouse first. I handed him the wooden, slotted spatula that he had bought late last year.
"You'll be needing this," I said, handing him the spanking implement. He smiled and took it.
"I remember it well," he remarked.
My guy said that he hadn't been there long. He had been there for ten minutes, which I found to be long. He told me that I was punctual, as usual. I knew that it wouldn't be a reason that he would use to spank me today.

We held hands. He told me that I was gorgeous. He's sweet. Our lips met. We kissed a lot. They were long, sweet, passionate kisses. We finally unlocked in what would be roughly about ten minutes of kissing.
"Have you been good?" he whispered in my ear.
"Not really," I said, as we continued to kiss a bit.
"You know what happens to bad girls like you?" he asked rhetorically.
"Nope," I said, although I knew what was coming.
We both moved over. He sat in the middle of the backseat. I went over his knee.
"You remember on Wednesday when you didn't wear your black panties?" he asked me. I was getting aroused. I was hoping that he would use this detail as a playful reason to spank me. Hoping works well.
"Yes," I said, feeling my guy caressing my backside with his hand.
"You think that you can wear anything you want, don't you?" he asked, groping each buttock for a bit before pinching each one hard.
"Yes," I said defiantly, feeling a bit sore from his hard pinches. He was also playing with my clit without pulling down my jeans.
"Well, you're going to get punished for not wearing those black lacy panties that I like," he stated.
The first slap with the wooden spatula landed on my left buttock. I loved the sound and sting of it smacking against my jeans. My lacy panties weren't protecting my backside much. He alternated swatting each buttock. I love when he scolds me as he spanks me.
"Whenever you come to work (smack), you need to wear black panties (smack). Do you understand? (smack)"
"Nope, I don't get it," I said, testing the waters.
"You don't understand?" he asked, sounding a bit surprised. "I will make you understand."
He continued to slap me with the wooden spatula, but also smacked the backs of my thigh and calves, which I know that he likes doing. I enjoy it as well.
"Do you think that I am done punishing you?" he asked me.
"No, sir," I said.
"That's right," he commented, continuing to give me the spanking that I have longed to have. "You will be spanked whenever you don't have those black lacy panties on."
He checked to see if I was wearing them today. Like a cute schoolboy, he was pleased to see the lacy band under my jeans.

Finally, he stopped. He wanted to finger me. So, I got up and we both got my jeans off me. He pleasured me by fingering both my clit and my butt. I was so turned on that it didn't take long for me to come. It was wonderful. I rested in his arms afterward. He kissed my face gingerly. I thanked him.
"I like being in your arms, among other things," I said, content to rest for a bit. He smiled.
Probably five minutes later, he whispered a question in my ear.
"Do you want to be dopey today?"
"I don't think that you'll be leaving work by 18:40 today if you do," I said with a smile. He laughed.
He has figured out that making me come twice gets me in the same relaxed, dopey state of mind that he does when he comes just once. He fingered me again and called me a whore. It took a bit longer for me to come, but I did again.

When I get into this dopey mode, I tend to giggle more.

My guy was playing with my right hip, feeling the contrast between my lacy panties and my skin. The way that he was rubbing my hip was making me giggle, as I am highly ticklish. He then decided to do a physical examination on me, trying to figure out which parts me were ticklish. At one point, I was laughing so hard that my head was resting comfortably on his lap, my knees were bent and together in an upright, fetal position, and I was telling him to stop. He held me as if I were a little girl. It was sweet.

He then suggested that I give him a physical exam. We both shifted positions. He pulled down his slacks and briefs. His penis was erect. I took a hair elastic band and tied my hair back.

He wanted me to lick his cock, so I did like a popsicle. He wanted to see my tongue move up and down the entire length of his erect penis. He loved the look of it.

I kept sucking and licking him. I could tell that he was enjoying the moment. He then told me to stop. I pulled his penis out of my mouth and proceeded to give him a handjob. He finds it exceptionally arousing to see my manicured fingers wrapped around his penis. I did that for a bit. He likes changing it up. Today was no exception.

He then took over rubbing his penis. He asked me to play with his balls. He even went one step further and asked me to finger his butt. So, I fingered him, which made him come effortlessly.

After cleaning up, we rested in each other's arms.
"You know, I am getting a prostate exam on the 14th," he confided in me.
"I just gave you one," I joked.
"I wish you were doing the exam," he stated. "I hope that my doctor doesn't find your ring up my ass when she performs the test."
He's funny.

We kissed and hugged some more. It's always difficult to part when we want to be with each other longer. My guy also likes to adjust my clothing on me.
"Let me fix your blouse," he said. "It's on too low. We can't have guys looking at you that way. Just me."
"So, only you can approve who can see my clevage?" I asked, smiling at how sweet my guy can be.
"Exactly," he said, with a grin on his face.
We eventually got out of the treehouse. We stood, embraced, and kissed a couple of times. It was a lovely Friday afternoon. I wish all Friday meetings were like that one.


  1. Whew (fans self) that was sooooo hot!

  2. I completely agree with you there! It was a wonderful Friday afternoon. =)