Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spank-me-hard cookies

I came across this picture a while back and loved it. I imagine that I had found it around Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped sugar cookies in this picture represent who I am. I'm not saying that I am someone who sugarcoats what I say. I am quite the opposite. I am far too candid to know how to sugarcoat anything that I say.

I have been told by many folks over the years that I am a "nice person" or that I'm "sweet." I suppose that these characteristics are true, particularly when many of these folks do not know one another. I didn't pay them to make these flattering comments, either!

Perhaps my personality makes me enjoy receiving a sound spanking more. I have never truly done anything bad in my life to get me in serious trouble. I get turned on about the notion of getting a spanking. I love the anticipation of getting punished because I have been a bad girl. I want to be spanked. I ache for a spanking sometimes. As the heart-shaped cookie mentions, I want to be spanked hard.

I absolutely love it when my guy makes up the most ridiculous reasons for my getting a spanking. If I am not online when he wants to talk to him, my lack of online presence merits my getting paddled. When I tease him relentlessly, he will pull me over his lap, pull down my pants, and spank me with his hand. When I provoke him by saying that my backside doesn't hurt as much, he lowers my panties and spanks me harder, which makes me playfully regret pushing him to spank me that hard.

I enjoy being spanked for several minutes. My guy is methodical about spanking my bottom, which I appreciate. I get even more aroused when he tells me why I have been bad as he smacks my buttocks.

One of these days, I will need to bake heart-shaped cookies and let him know that I deserve a spanking from him. I probably need another batch to indicate that I want to be pinched hard, too.

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