Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reflections of being spanked after getting hitched

I visited the Spanking Blog, as I normally do, and am going down memory lane. The post, Spanking his new bride, is making me feel a bit nostalgic tonight.

Sure, my only marriage ended in a divorce, but being spanked after we got married was wonderful. I remember the day fondly, despite the outcome over a decade later.

We got married at Old City Hall. Our honeymoon was modest. We checked into a hotel. The first thing we did was spank each other.

My husband had me lay across the bed. He lifted up my gown, and spanked me hard with his hand over my panties and hosiery. I reciprocated by spanking him over his briefs. And, we continued spanking each other, alternating between who would give and receive. We were in love, horny, and sore.

It wasn't a perfect marriage. However, I do recommend a good spanking on one's wedding night and many more nights afterwards.

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