Saturday, May 05, 2012

Spankings and a sexy chest

I haven't written for a bit. It's mostly because my guy is on the road still. We have been pretty busy with work as of late. So, connecting online or over the phone has been quite the challenge.

Don't worry. I have been thinking a lot about being spanked these days. I do miss my guy spanking me, but his physical absence makes me appreciate all the spankings that I have had from him so far.

This observation will seem a bit odd to some. I miss my guy's chest. Weird, huh?

His chest was one of the first parts of his body that I had touched when we first met. We embraced at work, with my breasts touching his toned chest. I remember wrapping my arms around him, but I have already remembered how comforting it was to be pressed up against his chest.

After sex, I like cudding up to him and often rest my head against his chest. I can hear his heart beating. I always feel safe in his arms. He doesn't mind that I cuddle up to him as if I were a cat.

When we kiss, I usually have my hand on his chest. When he spanked me with the leather side of my fuzzy purple paddle, with both of us standing up, I hugged him tightly, which he liked. My bare backside was smarting. I had to cling to someone!

My guy does have a sexy chest. I enjoyed the first time I touched it. His bare chest. I loved kissing and caressing it.

My guy will be back home in over a week. It is rough when I long to be with him. I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to be over his knee and spanked hard. I can't wait to cuddle up to him and hear his heartbeat again.

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