Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missing me and our makeout sessions

Work is still crazy. However, my guy and I still managed to spend some quality time together this week.

On Tuesday, my guy initiated a messaging conversation on Skype. He normally does this when he truly misses me. He seems to miss me more when it is a long weekend and we are apart.
"Are you coming into work today?" he asked me.
"To borrow your question, do you miss me?" I asked him.
"Let me just say that work isn't as fun when you're not here," he responded.
"Hmm... I love when your response is up for interpretation..."
I did get to work in the afternoon. I was busy training a new colleague. He was busy getting a presentation completed. However, we still got to talk to each other that afternoon. We stood outside. He looked at my hair whipping around in the wind and told me that he loved how I looked.

On Thursday, I was at work in the afternoon. He said hi to me when he had come back from a training course. We had a decent conversation before I had to talk to a couple of people. Finally, when I got back to my desk, I had to ask him a question. He quickly came over to my desk and started caressing the back of my neck. It was incredibly relaxing.
"That's so nice," I said, in a relaxed voice. I was enjoying his gentle massage.
"Do you want to make out?" he whispered in my ear.
"I'd like that."
So, we headed over to our usual hangout. Even though it has been a while since we had done so after work, it seemed normal to us. We parked our cars and we headed into the backseat of his car.

Normally, he initiates most of the moves. It was mutual on this day. We talked for a bit. I held him hand and squeezed it. He reciprocated the squeeze.

Without saying a word, we both adjusted our positions so that we were facing each other. I touched his face with my right hand and initiated a rather passionate, long kiss. 
"I have missed your lips," he said to me, once we came up for air.
"Likewise," I said, as we continued to kiss.
His hand moved to my breast. He cupped it for a bit, before his hand went under my short-sleeved, purple shirt and caressed my breast. He then took my bra off and played with my nipples.

As for me, my hand had moved from his face, to the back of his neck, and then to his chest. He has a toned, sexy chest that I find highly attractive.

His hand moved down to my crotch. He undid the button on my brown chinos and I unzipped them. My panties slid down. His hand moved to my pussy. He was fingering me for a bit and moved to fingering my butt. I was incredibly turned on, probably because I was touching his bare chest, running my hand through his chest hair.

I eventually came. It was wonderful. I love when he kisses me on my head and forehead afterward.
"I love that you don't have an undershirt," I remarked. "I love your chest."
He smiled. I knew that he liked that I had noticed that he had been working out again. I just didn't have to say it in so many words.

My hand reached down to his crotch to stroke his manhood. I am not sure what we did that made me stop, but I repeated the same move. His member was getting harder. Finally, I put my pants back on and he removed his, along with his briefs. He was clearly erect.

My guy gets turned on when he sees me as his whore. He had his right hand on my right buttock as I was giving him a handjob.
"I like when you hold my cock and please me," he said with his eyes closed.
"I like when you let me," I responded, which got him even more turned on.
He came and was relaxed afterward. I always have referred to his relaxed mood as his dopey state. It is almost like he can barely function after he has ejaculated.
"I have missed having dopey talk," he said, obviously in dopey mode. "We have the best talks."
I continued to hug him. It is nice that I have him back for a bit.

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