Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Purposely creating a reason to be spanked soon

The anticipation is building.

I went to work today. I was debating whether I wanted to. Considering that my new colleague hadn't asked any questions about a current assignment and a new one that I didn't fully understand, I felt that I needed to go into the office.

I love hearing my guy's voice. It's unmistakeable. He was talking to one colleague as I was talking to another one. He came over to where I was sitting after he was done conversing.
"Hey," he said, touching my left shoulder tenderly. "It's not Wednesday."
"I know," I said. "I come into the office three times a week, but I'm pretty unpredictable. I even go to work in the morning sometimes."
Yep, my guy has been away for a month. Things change here and there.

A colleague and I then talked about our experiences wearing braces to straighten our teeth growing up. My guy indicated that he wanted to get braces.
"You have a nice smile," I said. "You don't need braces."
"My teeth are crooked," he pointed out.
"Crooked, to match your personality?" I teased.
He laughed. Of course, I like planting a seed like that for a playful reason to be spanked by him.

Towards the end of the day, we were talking and he looked at me for the longest time.
"Has anyone told you that you're attractive, cute, and sweet?"
"Just you," I replied.
He admitted that he was admiring my backside from afar. It's nice to have him back home again.

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