Saturday, April 14, 2012

Travelling guy

Work is picking up for both my guy and me. My guy will be on the road for the next four weeks. As for me, I have been doing interviews with my boss to hire someone to help me out. For months, I have been doing the workload of roughly four people. I ended up feeling exceptionally overwhelmed a few weeks ago. My manager has been good about holding back a number of tasks, as we have a client who is highly demanding. I can't doing it all.

This afternoon, my guy and I got to talk briefly before we both had to get back to our work. I had my regular meeting with my manager. My guy ended up helping a programmer with code. I actually found out through my manager first that he was going to be on the road.
"How is Friday the 13th treating you?" my guy asked me when we both had a free moment at 18:00.
"[Our manager] told me that you're travelling next week."
"Yes, I'm in Germany," he stated.
"I'm really happy that you're on the road. It's what you have been waiting for," I said, genuinely happy for him.
"Yes. I am happy, too," he said confidently, but had a look of concern.
We can read how we feel. He knew that his being away for four weeks would be difficult for me. That happened a few months back. My workload got me down a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that he had seen me so low in spirits. He actually hugged me for the longest time to tell me that things would get better. He was right. I am doing a bit better.
"It's funny. When I was recovering from surgery, I wanted to come back to work," I stated.
"Yes," my guy said, listening attentively to me.
"Now, when I have so much work thrown at me, I want to be home, on employment insurance again, earning 55% of my salary."
"And reading a book," he said, referring to a spanking book that had short stories, which I had read to him a few times.
"Yes," I admitted.
"Slapped with tons of reading time!" he said, which made me groan.
My guy is off to Germany for a week. He will then be Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand.
"I'll be in Bangkok, where there will be a number of red light districts," he said, with a sly, boyish expression on his face.
"You'll be right at home," I said, playing his game. He likes to try and make me jealous.
"I will be massaged at least 5,000 times," he said. "I'll be back here in a wheelchair afterwards, as I won't be able to walk."
"Won't there be a lot of chafing, even for you?" I stated nonchalantly, which made him laugh.
We left work at the same time.
"I'll be depressed after two weeks," I said, referring to how I felt the last time we were apart for three weeks.
"Don't be. We'll be in touch," he said, with a huge smile on his face.
The sun was still shining brightly outside. I was happy. So was he. We'll be okay, as always. It just means that we'll be having more phone sex!

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