Monday, April 09, 2012

Identifying with TV characters when it comes to sex

I am not the type of person who watches brand new shows on TV. I tend to be the one who catches up on them years later. Take Buffy, for example. I still haven't seen the last two seasons, along with seasons three and four.

My guy has been away for over a week. Although I miss him, I am slowly getting used to not seeing him for such periods. It is still tough.

I watched GCB tonight. It was the episode entitled, "Sex is divine." Out of all the storylines that were played out when it comes to sex, my guy and I probably identify with Zach and Sharon the most, respectively.

Sharon had lost a lot of weight and finally got into a pair of jeans that she has not worn in over four years. She is me. I lost sixty pounds within the past year. I fit in clothes that I used to wear four years ago.

There was a scene in which Sharon and Zach had sex in the backseat of their car. My guy and I have done that on numerous occasions, mostly because we get horny as all can be at work. It would be much easier just to find a boardroom. The unfortunate part is that all boardrooms and offices at work do not have doors that lock from the inside. You can certainly lock them from the outside with a key.

There was another scene in which they had sex in their kitchen. Afterwards, they were sitting on the floor and Zach was spilling out everything as if he were a "woman." My guy has told me that he is like a woman in that he likes to chat. I am like Sharon. I don't mind it at all. I like hearing what he has to say. I like that side of him. And no, I don't find that to be feminine in any way.

The final scene of this episode put a smile on my face. Amanda went to visit Luke at a fancy hotel suite. She was nervous about having sex with him, as she has only been with one person. Luke told her that he would wait for her when she was ready -- that she was worth the wait. She, in the end, decided to push him onto the bed and said that she didn't want to wait anymore.

My guy and I started our relationship in a similar fashion. I hadn't been with a man for quite some time. He told me that he wouldn't pressure me to do anything that I didn't want to do. I longed to be with him. It was nice to actually be spanked by him the first time that we hugged and kissed each other.

I do miss my guy. This episode made me smile. We have a good relationship.

My guy is playful. The last time that we were in the backseat of his car, I showed him pictures of me (Costco card and driver's licence) before I had lost all that weight. He remarked that the change was highly noticeable.

I was debating whether to show him my picture on my health card. I had it in my hand and was looking at it. He decided to grab it, but I wouldn't let go. He proceeded to tickle me. I eventually succumbed. It was a lot of fun, even for a ticklish person like me.

Being ticklish is okay. In tonight's episode, Cricket showed that she was ticklish. Blake, her husband, didn't find giggling to be sexy. My guy seems to be okay with my giggling, simply because I can't help it. These days, he uses it to his advantage when we are being playful with each other.

My guy returns on Tuesday. Hopefully, my backside hurting from being thoroughly spanked will also resume. 

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