Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing being touched, and being touched and missed

I can tell when my guy truly misses me. It was evident today.

He was back from a trip to Chicago on Monday. Today was his first day back at work.

My guy has two Skype accounts. One is for work. The other is his private one. I am fortunate to have both.

We primarily chat using his private account. He did just that at lunch time. He asked if I was going to be coming into the office this afternoon. After teasing him a bit, I said that I was. He wrote back that it "sound[ed] good." That was the first sign.

I got to work and we talked a bit before I had to conduct an interview. We chatted quite a bit throughout the afternoon. He then came over to my desk to show me something on his laptop. He caressed the back of my neck, which led to his hand going down the back of my sweater.

He whispered in my ear whether I'd like to have a meeting with him. I was game.

We left work just after 17:30. I got to our usual spot first. Traffic was a bit backed up, as it was the rush hour. He followed suit, parking next to my car. We both then hopped into his office, which was the backseat of his car.

He asked how I was. I put my hand on his lap and said that I was better now. He kissed my hand a number of times. I told him that I had missed his soft lips. He felt the same way about me. He told me that he missed me. The feeling was indeed mutual.

We embraced for a long time. It was nice to be held in his arms again. He proceeded to kiss me tenderly down the left side of my neck, while unzipping my sweater and playing with my right nipple. Our lips met and we kissed passionately.

He unzipped my pants. I felt his cock underneath his khaki pants. He was getting hard. We actually have a pet name for his cock, which I won't reveal here. =)

I pulled my pants and sky blue panties down. He came prepared with a blue glove. I knew that he was going to finger me. He fingered my pussy. It felt incredibly good.
"I have missed touching you," he admitted.
"I have missed your touch," I reciprocated.
He then worked on fingering my butt. It was intense. I actually came twice today.
"You like when I finger you, don't you?" he told me.
"Yes, I like when you have your way with me," I said, smiling.
"You are beautiful and incredible," he reinforced.
I have kissed his nose in the past. He thought that it was sexy and different. He reciprocated today. I enjoyed it.

He then removed his khaki pants and blue briefs. Yes, our underwear matched colour-wise and we didn't even talk about it the night before! He pulled out his hard cock. I rubbed the tip of it, which was soft to the touch. He pulled my left hand over his stomach. My right hand grabbed his cock and began giving him a handjob.
"You have such beautiful hands," he told me. "I love the look of your hand wrapped around my cock."
Probably a good five minutes later, he came all over my right hand. A lot of semen came oozing out. My job was done. I caressed the tip of his penis afterwards.

I figured out what aftershave he uses. It smells so good on him.

After we had both cleaned up, he pulled his underpants and pants up. I looked at his cell phone and asked whether he was used to it. He was.

I love his boyish charm. He showed me his favourite game on his phone, which was Scramble. We both played it for a bit. I had to laugh when he scored points for pee and peed. He gets a bit dopey after sex, so it's cute that he spells such words.

He was trying to find nipple, but couldn't form the word. He did dedicate flog to me.
"We always have so much fun together," he stated.
"I agree," I said without hesitation, hugging him as we both continued to play Scramble on his phone.

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