Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being offline, facing the consequences, and crying

I had a feeling that my guy and I would be talking today.

It is becoming a ritual for me to go into work on a Friday afternoon. Since going back to work after back surgery, I have been showing up at the office mainly to see people, but to also test out my back and walk around.

Today, I did something different. I brought my laptop into work. Normally, I leave it at home. I just had a feeling that I would be talking on Skype to my guy. We hadn't talked since Monday night.

While driving to work, I was stopped at a light. My cell phone had a new e-mail. It was from my guy. It was short and to the point:
How come you're offline? You know what that means!
I was completely turned on. I knew what that meant. I definitely have a spanking coming my way. I wrote back to him:
I know and I like what will happen [to me]. I'm heading to work. :)
I got to work and chatted with a colleague. I also chatted to my guy (MG) on Skype:
MG: How is the weather in TO?
Me: Freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail this morning...
Me: Now, it's fine. That's why I'm at work. It's safe.
Me: But, I miss you.
MG: Same here.
Me: You miss you, too?
Me: Awesome
Me: lol
MG: lol
Me: Am I in trouble?
MG: You bet.
MG: You're in deeper trouble than you think.
Me: I like that thought.
MG: You'll pay sooner or later.
Me: I wish I could pay for it now. I'll pay for it in the end, I suppose.
MG: Sure thing. You're not getting off the hook for any reason.
Me: I know. I'm ready for the consequences coming my way.
MG: You know how to face it, right?
Me: Head-on?
MG: Rear first?
Me: lol
Me: Flip a coin. ;)
MG: lol
Me: Of course, you had that two-sided head coin...
Me: Well, I will pay.
MG: Yes, no matter which side you get, you'll find a head waiting for you.
Me: Yes, I know.
We chatted on Skype. It was nice to hear his voice again. He told me that he has been thinking about me every night. The feeling was mutual. We were both horny as all can be today.
"How do you think I should punish you for not being online today?" he asked me.
"I need a good spanking," I replied.
"You will get one. That's a given," he said, beginning his lecture. "We need to address how you will be spanked. How long your punishment will be. What implements I will be using. How hard I will be administering your spanking."
"You can use my new leather paddle on me," I replied.
"I will bend you over, take down your jeans and panties, and will use that leather paddle on your bare ass," he replied. "You will be wearing your earbuds to sleep and will be online 24-7. When I want you to be online, you will be there waiting for me. I will spank you until your ass is cherry red. I will pound your cheeks with your leather paddle until you cry. You will have wished that you had never bought it."
It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm. There was definitely more to our online chat. After all, we were talking for nearly three hours today.

He is away for one more week before he returns home. He broke the news to me that he would be in the office for three days before he goes back on the road for another two weeks. I couldn't contain myself.
"I said that I wouldn't do this," I started saying to him.
"Do what?" he asked me.
"I'm tearing up," I said, as tears began to fill my eyes and drop quickly down my face.
"Oh, sweetie," my guy said affectionately.
"I miss you so badly," I said, crying and sniffling.
"Oh, don't cry," he said. "I wish I were there to wipe your tears away, hold you, and tell you that everything will be okay. It's just one more week, sweetie. I need to call you more often."
"It's silly [crying], it's it?" I asked him.
"No, it's sweet," he replied. "I bet that you cry like the angel that you are."
I felt better talking to him. It's nice to be wanted and loved.

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