Saturday, December 03, 2011

Music lessons, skirts, and compliments

My guy and I had a terrific chat this evening. We started off with a video that he had found online.

The video had a young girl at a piano, who was being instructed by a male teacher. He started touching her hands, making sure that her piano fingering was correct on the ivory keys. He then touched her arms, started kissing her neck, and then groping her breasts. At first, she was in shock and was resisting him. Eventually, she was enjoying his advances and succumbed.

It was an intriguing video. I like the idea of resisting a spanking, but eventually caving in and getting a hard spanking. I also like when the guy that I am about to spank playfully resists, at first. It turns me on.

The piano teacher in this video also groped her buttocks, which heightened my arousal. I love having my backside groped.

A few days after my guy and I had made out, and he had spanked me for the first time, I was in the kitchen, washing my tea mug. He groped my buttocks. I loved it. I told him that today. I told him that it was hot.

Tonight was the office Christmas party. We both decided to skip it. He said that we were having our own intimate party.
"You don't want to be on the dance floor of the ballroom, groping someone?" I asked him.
"The only person I want to grope is you," he said in his own sweet way.
"Well, maybe we can set up a private dance floor here and you can grope my backside as we slowdance," I hinted.
We both liked that thought.

The other interesting idea that we floated around was having anal sex. Both of us have not done it. Frankly, I'm not sure if I want it. I can understand how it makes sense to spank my backside and then have him look at my red cheeks as he enters me. However, I'm sure that it'll be a tight fit for me. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of pain.

I did, however, like when he was spanking me one time and pressed himself against my buttocks. Sure, it's not even close to anal sex, but his rubbing his erect cock against me felt good against my sore backside. He likes my butt, especially seeing it in a shade of red.

We proceeded to talk about all the music classes that I had taken as a young girl. There was my viola teacher. I had said something cheeky in class in elementary school. My viola teacher had a baton. The end of the baton had this rubber, round knob. He walked by me and swatted the rubber knob over my right buttock cheek. It hurt like crazy. I have never forgotten it. It's quite the turn-on now.

My guy asked me if I wanted my viola instructor to touch me afterwards. I said that I didn't at the time. I was probably eleven years old. In a fantasy role for me as an adult, I'd love if my guy would touch me while teaching me to play the viola. It's similar to the piano teacher scenario. There's a piano bench that would be perfect for a spanking.

I then talked about being seventeen years old and walking with my friend to play at a recital at Convocation Hall in Toronto. We were wearing our marching band uniforms, consisting of a red, short plaid kilt, a white blouse, a black tie, a red blazer, black knee-high socks, and black shoes. We walked over a set of subway vents on either College Street or University Avenue. Our skirts blew up. My friend was embarrassed. I wasn't. That was my Marilyn moment, except that I am far from being a blonde. My guy laughed.
"Some folks must have briefly seen two girls and their panties at that moment," I said.
"I'm sure the guys enjoyed looking at you," he deduced.
"They just got to see my legs," I pointed out.
"You have great legs," he said.
"Thanks," I said politely.
"You have nice calves. You have athletic legs," he pointed out.
"All my friends had stick-thin legs. I don't look good in skinny jeans because I have rounded calves," I explained. "I have legs like a cyclist, where the muscles bulge outwards."
"You have great feet, too," he continued. "I'd love if you wore high heels and I could touch your feet, legs, ..."
"And I can rest my legs on your lap?" I asked, which turned him on. That was a yes.
I felt special. I like the thought of having him touch my legs after I have been thoroughly spanked by him. He did that a few weeks ago, running his hand from my ankle up to my left buttock. Skipping the party was the best decision we had made today.

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