Thursday, December 08, 2011

Turning a bad, wet experience into a feel-good one

Normally, I log on to Skype and stay logged in all day. I don't know if my guy has a chance to chat with me when he has a free moment at work.

Today, I logged in at noon, just after I had returned from running a couple of errands. He was online. That was different. He immediately said hi. We exchanged a few instant messages before he called me.

We said hi. I could sense that something was on his mind. I asked if he was okay.
"I took my car in to get the transmission fluid changed," he said. "I then went into the washroom and had an accident."
I thought that the way he had worded it was funny. It made me laugh. My laughter was uncontrollable.
"No, not that type of accident," he said, which prompted me to laugh some more. "It had to do with the sink."
Okay, the sink detail made me laugh harder.
"That's not funny," he said in a deadpan tone.
"I'm sorry," I said, trying to calm myself down. It took quite some time.
He told me what had happened. After he had washed his hands, he put his foot on the sink so he could tie his shoelace. Well, the sink wasn't all that sturdy and it fell off the wall. He then tried to put the sink back up, but it fell down again, and all the pipes burst, meaning that water was everywhere. He finally found the main valve and shut everything off.

He quietly went to pay for the transmission fluid service and reported the problem to the staff member. The employee said not to worry about it, although my guy said to charge the repair to him. Instead, my guy decided to give $50 towards the repair and then left.

In the end, my guy did find the whole situation funny, saying that it was like it was a scene from a movie. I apologized for laughing and was forgiven.

The other day, he was beating himself up, saying that he wasn't a good person. I had to convince him that he was a decent guy. Sometimes, poor choices will make you think that you're a rotten individual, but your personality tends to stay intact from decade to decade.
"If you were that person you say you have become, who doesn't give a damn about anything, I don't buy that," I insisted. "You cared about breaking the sink. You didn't have to pay for it, but you still chipped in. You aren't the monster you think you are."
"So, I've always been bad," he said to me, trying to tease me.
"No," I said. "You've always been good. It's your perception of who you are that needs to change."
"You're being your usual sweet self," he concluded. "Thank you."
"I need to say it more."
"So, how are you going to reward me for being good?" he said quietly.
"What did you have in mind?" I said seductively.
"I can touch you all over," he said.
There was a slight pause. I then had a thought that I wanted to share with him.
"You know, if I had broken the sink, I wouldn't have been forgiven that quickly," I said.
"No, you wouldn't have," he admitted. "You would have been punished."
"Imagine me with a short, black skirt on, with one high heel on the sink," I said.
"I like that," he said. "You with heels on and your white thighs contrasting your black skirt. I can see your panties."
Just like that, we got into a story that made us both aroused and excited.

We set the story up where he was the employee at the shop, who walked into the washroom and noticed that I had broken the sink. I apologized profusely, but he wouldn't accept it. The washroom had a wooden brush used to scrub one's back. He ordered me to face the wall. I did what I was told.

Instead of lifting up my skirt, he pulled it down, along with my panties. He smacked my left cheek with the back of the wooden brush, which was painful. He then did the same with my right cheek. He alternated, whacking me harder and harder. I was started to tear up.

He then asked if I would suck his cock. I said that I wouldn't. More smacks went across my buttocks. I was in pain. I was in tears. My backside was bright red. He asked me again if I would suck him. I finally gave in and I did.

Maybe it was not a good day for him at the auto shop. I'm glad that we turned that problem into something that felt good for both of us.

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