Friday, December 02, 2011

Dreams coming to life

Yesterday, I got to talk to my guy over the phone. We hadn't spoken since last Friday. He has been busy with work and medical appointments. I am still recovering from back surgery.

We caught up on our lives over the phone. He had to do a last-minute software demo for a customer on Wednesday morning. I could tell that he had missed me. He didn't have to say it. His starting our conversation off by talking about his spending all weekend working on this project said it all.

He had me do the talking when it came down to getting us both off. He is better at dirty talk. He probably is far more experienced with it. As for me, I have that goody-goody type of personality, which probably explains why I enjoy being spanked. He is patient with me, so I am fortunate to get some practice these days.

I had a dream about him the other night, so I shared it with him. I was waiting for him at a Starbucks. He was supposed to meet me there at 15:00. Half an hour went by. He wasn't there. I decided to order a grande peppermint mocha. I sipped it and waited.

It was now past 16:00. I finally saw him come into the cafe. He apologized profusely for being late. Work had kept him behind. I said it was okay, gave him my Starbucks card, and let him order whatever he wanted. He came back to our little table and we chatted.
"You know, you can't always make me wait like this," I said to him quietly.
"I know. I'm sorry for being late," he said, repeating his apology.
"You'll need to be dealt with," I stated.
After we had finished our drinks, we headed back home. I asked him to take off his pants. He was reluctant at first, so I helped him remove his belt and pants. I then sat on a sturdy wooden chair that did not have any armrests. I asked him to go over my knee.

With his grey underwear on, I spanked each cheek carefully and methodically. This spanking would be his first, so I didn't spank him hard. Each slap was enough to introduce him to the world of spanking, but not enough to make him cry. He seemed to like it. I could feel his cock getting hard against my thighs. I was getting aroused.
"Will you keep me waiting for you at Starbucks like that again?" I asked him between smacks.
"No, I promise not to do that to you again," he said.
I could have believed him then, but I didn't. I took down his underpants, and exposed his lightly pink backside. I gave him a few more smacks, which were harder than before. I could tell that he was enjoying getting his first spanking. His cock was pressing against my legs. I could feel the pressure from his erect cock.

I stopped spanking him. He got up and sat on the bed. His manhood was completely erect. I had to do something about that. I stroked it. I touched the tip of his cock. I kissed it. I made him come.

This story made us both climax at roughly the same time. It was a first for both of us.

Yes, we had missed each other immensely.

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