Saturday, November 13, 2021

Weekend and a new cafe

Happy weekend!

My ophthalmologist appointment went well. Instead of going in for a follow-up appointment every six months, it's now every eight months. Yay!

There is a new cafe that has replaced my favourite one next door to my ophthalmologist. It has Japanese-style sodas. I got an orange mango soda and it was so good. I will return.

I also got a chocolate croissant. This place is extremely generous with the chocolate filling. Yum!


  1. Orange mango sounds like a yummy combination! I'm happy to hear about your ophthalmologist appts being farther apart now. That's really good news.

    1. It was delicious! I'm glad that my appointments are stretched, too. It means that I can visit this cafe when I don't have an appointment and see the menu better without getting my eyes dilated... haha!

    2. OH haha i hadn't thot of that. but yes, that's a good idea!