Thursday, November 04, 2021

Ridiculous workload that impacts me and no to a cryptocurrency seminar

It looks like someone dropped the ball at work and I will likely be working more hours to get a rather large update into our software build. Fun.

We have a freeze deadline of Friday to get all our updates in. I won't likely get this new chunk of content in by then, as I have two other documents to get through.

Our team is asking that this freeze date be changed. We'll see what happens. I'm leaving it up to our two project managers, who aren't that swift, so I'm just continuing with my work.

In other fun news, someone followed my social media account and became overly chatty with me. I figured out that she's a part of a cryptocurrency wave. It took her a few days to get to this stage. She isn't that swift, either. She asked me to join her seminar this weekend.

I told her that I wasn't interested. It sounded like this seminar was in person. She's in the States. I am not. I made it perfectly clear that I was in Canada.

No means no. She continued asking if I was coming. I unfollowed her and then blocked her. No.

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