Thursday, November 18, 2021

My costco trip

I hadn't stepped foot in a Costco store in 1.5 years. I ended it last night.

It didn't feel intimidating going into the store at 5 pm. There weren't a ton of customers and I felt safe.

I had to get contact lens solution. A box contains two bottles and a small travel-sized version, which is perfect for my trip next week. I can't believe that I'll be flying soon!

It was great finally using my voucher, although it took multiple tries to get scanned on my phone. I hadn't used it in a long time. I did save $88!

I got lobster ravioli. I am definitely looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

A hot dog with a fountain drink is still $1.50. What's different is that you have to pay at the kiosk and then pick up your order at the counter. You no longer approach the counter to pay and get your food.

I have been living under a rock for 1.5 years when it comes to dropping by Costco. I had a great experience getting reacquainted with the store.


  1. I needed to go to Costco to stock up on the chocolates found only at Christmas (Bailey's for one!). But I was hesitant because of the crowds, so I ordered online. Half the order arrived the next day and the rest the day after. Now we have a year;s supply of chocolates. plus some for Christmas gifts.


    1. I get it. I have avoided huge box stores because the crowds make me uncomfortable. It took a while for me to get into a Costco and it was great!

      So glad that you stocked up on chocolate. I'd be in heaven with your haul!