Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Back home with a luggage search at border security

I got back on Monday night. I was too exhausted to post anything.

My arrival at the airport was odd. First, I was asked to go to a customs/border security line after declaring that I had only brought back $90 worth of goods. The customs woman was pleasant, going through my luggage and rolling computer bag. I had nothing to hide. All went well.

My guess is that it was the long Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps it seemed odd that I wouldn't splurge while in the States. I truly didn't go to shop. I was there for a hockey game.

Within the last year, I have been asked to go over to this special lineup twice. I'm not sure what makes folks think that I need additional questioning. I just know that I am honest and everything checks out fine. Perhaps I should have a flag in my record that I'm good!

There's more to this story regarding getting a taxi. I'll save that for another post.

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