Saturday, August 10, 2019

Sad about my ex-guy reaching out to me through a work program

My ex-guy and I work for the same company. He works from home all the time and doesn't require going into the office. I go into work three times each week and work from home for the remaining days.

Since he let me go, he has written a couple of e-mails to me through his personal account to mine. I didn't bother to reply to either. The fact that he was late to say happy birthday to me because he was his typical late self did not impress me.

My guess is that he is wondering how I am, as I am not writing back. Frankly, I need some space and don't have anything to contribute.

At work, we have a thank-you program, where you can write a little message and award some points to someone at work. It's to show your appreciation and the recipient can get something from our company's e-commerce site. We get a certain number of points dropped into our accounts every month.

Well, he sent me some points and a one-liner to say thanks for helping him out. As nice as that gesture was, it makes me sad that he ended our relationship -- that he hurt me. Yet, he thinks that things are the same. They aren't.


  1. Oh, I feel you. I would cut him off completely too, until I felt I had healed from the hurt. And I don't think it's kind at all of him to do this, altho he probably DOES think he is being caring.

    1. I appreciate your support, Fondles. Just when I think that I'm good, all it takes is such a gesture that makes me sad. I'm going to continue to not communicate with him. I need time to heal and be me. His trying to be caring isn't helping and seems like a slap in the face right now.

  2. The guy is a cad.Let him squirm.